40 thoughts on “19-Year-Old Female Stripped and Beaten For Giving HERPES To a 12-Year-Old Boy”

  • She's lucky that's all that she got was a beat down. This is why herpes and other diseases spread…ignorance…denial…smfh…
    That boy will never look at or trust women again

  • Glenn Woodard says:

    see what R. Kelly and that bitch Cardi B created?? this is really pathetic but it's always men who's pedophile right? gtfoh it's y'all nasty ass bitches!

    I want these dumb bitches if they want too, it'll show you how much of a dumbass they are to think this shit is okay

  • Daliyah Jackson says:

    I Just Dont See How You Can Find A Child Sexually Desirable In Any Way Form Or Fashion. It's repulsive and she would have met the barrel of my gun. Such acts should be punishable by death. It Would Have Been On This Day That I Became Judge Jury And Executioner !
    coming from an older sister with little brothers and nephews.

  • Quintin Banks says:

    Really be honest there needs to be a code of Capital punishment within the black community for thoes whoever rape or molested children,adult's and the consequences will be resulted as Being Stone or Shot till Death. I Mean Real Talk and Maybe that way people will think twice of not doing it at all and I feel that will be a Great Idea and a Good Solution to the problem.

  • They all need help. There is a problem and we can't keep jumping the gun so quick. They all probably get down that way. Now they mad because someone in the family got cought up? I bet they told there sex partners. Not to f with her.

  • Challenger the black leader says:

    So how is it the same females can get mad at and 19 year old ebony female giving a 12 year old boy herpes. But they don't get mad at the light skin female who got pregnant at the age 12!?

  • DondaYah Ruth Genesis says:

    If we were in our homeland in Israel, she would have been stoned to death. What a disgrace 🤦🏾‍♀️ I feel so bad for the young man…😢

  • DondaYah Ruth Genesis says:

    If we were in our homeland in Israel, she would have been stoned to death. What a disgrace 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Wayne Ben ysrayl says:

    Your right about some WOMEN because they encourage sex with different men. Alot of these harlots always talking about if u don't have sex u need to get those webs knock out or you have Alot of dust because I don't want to forbicate.

  • If she was tried by a court of law, the judge will conclude that the beaten she got was enough and give her time served and send her on her disease giving way to keep on passing that dead push around… Its women like this why I’ve talked to my son about sex since he was six, and to not have sex at all until he’s married…


  • These yung girls are out of control. Bitch y is u smashing a 12 yr old. Disgusting filthy lost ass girl. These older niggas better overstand these yung gurls in this era dont give no fucks about u. 12 & hes infected. She should be in prison! I would have stomped her lil ass too. Wake up LOST 12 TRIBES OF YAHWEHS CHOSEN CHILDREN OF GOD!

  • kevin Murillo says:

    I’m going to fuck her up too. She fucking said she did have it bitch then how did he get it then bitch 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I’m so maddddd

  • When it is a Male child nobody cares or why? The news don't cover this sick rape case. She is an adult 19 year old .that should be put in Jail at least 50 years or more I'm was happy her family was spanking her ass real good. 😭 for the 12 year old I am praying for him. Where is ME TOO MOVEMENT??? Unbelievable.

  • It had to happen. I would have neat and dragged her ass for ruining my son's life. I tell my son these lil girls are loose and dangerous. I teach my son to value, and respect girls but I also teach him to love himself 1st. You are responsible for protecting your health a d life. If adults are out here transmitting STD's and HIV without a word to the partners they are sleeping with. You better believe these young people don't care.

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