19yr old in Brooklyn has beat up for molesting a 12yr old boy.



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40 thoughts on “19Yr Old Girl Gives 12yr Old Boy HERPES”

  • Hey Jovi, I know a Man who had s3x at 12 she was 17 he says that's when he became a man ( even though he never paid a bill, had curfew and a babysitter ) I keep trying to tell him he was molested but he doesn't see it in that light…. Sad.

  • I get wanting to beat up the female pedophile, but that is not enough. The boy’s family need to press charges so she is not able to do this to another innocent little boy.
    This little boy needs some professional counseling to help him heal from the mental and emotional trauma.
    Acting out emotionally is just not good enough. Please get this boy some real help🙏🏾.

  • Ebony_Love_R_007 says:

    OMG! Yes, quite definitely she DESERVES all of it!!!! Nastyass Bytch!!! A Bytch is a Bytch male or female! I don't discriminate! 😒

  • LesChucksNTrees says:

    She deserved getting beat the fuck down. I am a Mother of a 23 year old son and this was something I talked to him about. Molestation and rape by MEN and WOMEN. If a woman ever touched him I would do away with her as I would a man.
    I blame the black culture who often made this shit look "cool" for a young boy to have sex early….NAW, shit is wrong.

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  • Jessica Blair says:

    Bottom line children are children…I knew logically birds and bees at 12 but I couldn't imagine even thinking about actual sex at 12/13. Not even with other 12 or 13 year olds. At that age ur thinking of ur first kiss, boys girls none of them should be exposed to acts of sex. That's crazy

  • hell yeah she got what she deserved!! And you spoke nothingggggg but facts. I know a guy who was molested in daycare by a grown ass woman and he treats his woman like 💩 smh sleeping with her best friends and all 👀

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

    I remember my baby sitter use to force me to have sex with her, and nothing never happened to her. I remember seeing her years later and she think it was cool. I guess this is why I don't value relationships.

  • The Nursing Chronicles With Moenique says:

    Glad you touched on this subject. There are a grsat deal of men who are damaged. I dated a man who was molested by his aunt he is damaged and became a narccicist he devalues women, was abusive because he has no sense of self. Peace

  • For anyone reading my comment, please Google the comedian Deray Davis. He was molested at 11 years old and he admits that he ain’t right afterwards.

    This is truly upsetting. I don’t know why or how any adult can look at a child in a sexual manner. Disturbing!!!

  • Jaclene Dearlove says:

    You have to protect your children, when my children were small I always question them when they come from school. I also told my children my friends male/female are not their friends, and I believed them first. Since I happen to be a single mother I considered my children my department. I do not allow anyone to discipline them. If my friends happens to see them on the streets they are not allowed to approached them. If they do my children would not acknowledge them, and if they say ‘I am you mommy friend’ their respond would be ‘you are right, you are my mother’s friend you are not my friend’ and they keep it moving. Its always the people closest to you that hurt your children. People must also not force their children to hug/kiss their friends if their children refused, I see that all the time. Smh…

  • Iris/rainbow/child g says:

    Jovi, In an interview with djvlad, July 30, 2018, D. L. Hugley said he had sex at the age of thirteen with a twenty two year old woman. He said he never felt like he was abused. In that same interview, Deray Davis said he lost his virginity at the age of thirteen to two thirty year old women. Check it out.

  • Every man I have ever dated but one was molested at 10-14 by some 16-19 year old girl. No one ever told them that it was rape until me. They thought it was cool to have had “sex” with an older woman. Just hurts my heart. I have 3 boys and I will decapitate somebody’s lil girl over my sons and I say that with all seriousness. Some people are just so disgusting.

  • In the UK 🇬🇧 we'd call her a nonce and she wud go 2 prison and she'd get done in(well maybe.. I been inside n peados get protection and better treatment 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🤮🙄!)

  • What is wrong with people? Let kids be kids. It so many sick people in this world. I say this watch the people around your kids and you.

  • She gave him something he will have for the rest of his life and he is only 12. The beat down yes, stripping her shirt off, no.

  • MzCapricornGrad says:

    Hey Jovi 👋🏾 I feel I've experienced dating many of these sexually violated "Man-boys". They bragged of being 12 yrs or younger sleeping with teenager or older women. Yup, they cannot commit, over sexualize women, and will not admit that they've been molested or taken advantage of. Mama's hold your boys close!

  • Lock her a** up too!!!😡😡😡 I don't have double standards, right is right and wrong is wrong!!!😠😠😠 That's a damn child, like WTF???🤬🤬🤬

  • Qualeen Randolph says:

    Yeah she needs to be put in jail. Are little boys fully mature at that age? I have a son and I don't even know that. She's a full blown pedophile because where would the pleasure be in that. This is ridiculous

  • You are soo right. Men who‘ve had sex early often become DAMAGED. Our baby boys have been conditioned into thinking the sooner they lose their innocence, the more manly they become. But they don’t realize that once that purity is taken, darkness soon sinks in. They don’t understand they don’t have the bodies or minds to tolerate sex or its consequences 😔💔

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