The Skoda Fabia was the car that transformed Skoda’s reputation. Now in its third generation – is it still a great small car compared to the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo? Watch our video review to find out

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35 thoughts on “2019 Skoda Fabia review – better than the Ford Fiesta? | What Car?”

  • Best small car???
    You have a laugh.
    Overpriced cheaply made car that what it is.
    And DSG gearbox with dry clutch is possible the worst jumping high breaking piece of equipment
    ever made.
    Also very poor sound insulation .
    Cheap suspension setup.
    This is just typical Vw cheap product with Skoda badge.
    Nothing else.

  • Got the dsg auto version on the 110 engine. An absolute joy to drive, plenty of response reducing stress levels in heavy traffic. One niggle though, from cold start at low speed there was an annoying ratlle over uneven roads, which came from the lower dash trim near the light switch. First it was blamed on an additional loose wire fed from the garage-installed dash cams. All efforts to stop it failed, so I resorted to some DIY. It turned out to be the end panel of the dash trim on the driver side which is held in by 3 metal clips and the panel as a result is not tightly held. Problem solved by removing panel to prove that stopped the rattle, then fixed some B&Q rubber draught strip all around the under edge of the panel. Result: silence! Shame the Skoda garage couldn't sort it but rather chuffed that the old DIY still works.

  • I love my Fabia Monte Carlo, which I bought new last year, I wouldn’t consider any other marque of car than Škoda, after 20 years of continuous ownership, I can wholeheartedly endorse the Škoda Auto commitment to producing, safe, economical, reliable, and very importantly exceptional value for money vehicles, with many simply clever features!!.

  • Wow…when .the Japanese ruled the automotive market they made driving interesting back in the day..with all the sport sedans n their drifting capabilities…
    The Germans and others followed suit n now that Germans are ruling the market they are making once interesting n fun cars boring again!!

  • Exterior is okay but the interior is getting more and more boring. Also its really a shame that there isn't a vrs modele. Knowing that skoda is quite good in rallye…

  • 3 year warranty is RUBBISH, if the car is so reliable as you say? Why not a longer one! Any ways new cars are a mugs game! and that's a FACT

  • The presentation is always great but it is an ice car and though I can not afford an EV I will just continue to admire, and hope one day things will change.

  • The Zanzibarbarian says:

    I'm not interested in this Skoda Fabia. But what I want to ask What Car is this.
    Why do videos on motorbikes?
    This isn't What Bike. It's What CAR.
    Your last two videos on Honda motorbikes raked in a paltry 9.3k views in total.
    Your last 10 car videos were watched 717k times. That's an average of 71.7k views per video.
    Doesn't that tell you something? Your viewers do not want to watch bike videos.
    Like this if you agree please!

  • Onto my second now, couldn’t recommend it enough and all things considered the best car in the market in my opinion in terms of price, efficiency, easy of use, driving experience and practicality. Not a fan of the facelift so my current one was an ex-demo Monte Carlo 110 from the cross over point. Was about to buy an Ibiza but found the Fabia for £3k less each with 1.5k Miles and Ibiza wasn’t that much better. Constantly does 52 mpg on the motorway (including on a full loaded trip from Newcastle to Kent recently) and 48-50 around town. First one I had was a 95 and wasn’t as smooth or efficient so much happier with the 110. Personally found it similar to drive as the Ibiza and better than the Fiesta, Corsa and i20 I test drove at the time, it’s certainly not boring by a long stretch! Would definitely recommend the Ibiza as well though, depending on budget.

    Also, the smaller cup holder is perfect for a can of Red Bull and I regularly have a 1.5 litre bottle and two 500ml ones in my door bins so space is impressive and the boot is useful with the little sections rather than it just being an empty space.

  • Just helped a family friend pick one out on lease, a 2019 soleil spec. Great little car and cheap, pretty stylish too. Won't rock your world but it's still nice.

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