My first ball for exercises in my life. Unboxing gym ball 85cm.
Have you ever tried to blow a fitness ball while you done cardio workout? For me it was a very difficult challenge!

You don’t need the gym for a full body workout!
So I am going to guide you step by step through basic core stability ball exercises.
Keep working hard, the results are closer than you think!
Gym Ball Fitness: Legs, Back, and Butt! My Workout with big (85 cm) red fitness ball.🎃White walls are not good for video…..I need a new camera:((((( Again – Sorry for bad quality….

Blowing fitness ball, jumping cardio workout. Simple Song for kids about Halloween. 👻 Halloween Creatures Song.🎃
Let’s lose our weight together! And after that, we will be ready for the Halloween party!
If we won’t lose weight, maybe, we will be stronger or just have a good mood.
I don’t have a perfect body. I’m not a fitness model.
I was at a gym a lot of years ago. I have got two children.
And I have got a belly fat.
I’m a real women who’s just trying to get real fit.
Be careful! If something hurts don’t do it!
And don’t forget, I am just giving you some funny ideas.

If you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, please, give a big thumb up.
Thank you for watching and I hope you join me next time!


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