21 thoughts on “AMIGA : The Killing Game Show – with Commentary !!”

  • IIRC, that 'thing' you're controlling is supposed to be you. As in, literally you. They cut off your torso, and grafted guns onto you and coated you in metal. You're running around using your arms. It makes no sense looking at it, but that was the description in the booket. (Again, IIRC)

  • leepandlouisep says:

    Was a good game in the day, I owned it.
    After you lose a life you can leave it playing and take over at any time from there so you don't need to remember which way you went each time. I didn't watch the entire video but it looks like you didn't use this feature.

  • I have never heard of this but I think I would of liked this as a child. Bit rubbish the music so I would not of been happy to hear that it says the same on different levels, if I ever got to them which I'm guessing I would not have as this is a psygnosis game lol.

  • the music was ripped for an intro on some amiga utilities comp i had that i've never been able to find online. i remember they made comments about it in the scroller. i'd love to get that disk back just so's i can stop thinking about it.

    an in-store demo that stuck with me was the turbografx/pc engine running VIGILANTE. i'd wanted one ever since. finally imported a COREGRAFX II in 2016. same as the '87 model except with composite out. only took what, 27 years, something like that . . .

  • Great game, that was painful to watch though where at first you ignored the weapon power-ups and then when you got them you wasted your ammo.
    It's a lot more enjoyable when you know what you are doing and start to make some real progress.

  • Maybe the world's first shooter-platform-puzzle-racing game as you try to out run the toxic liquid and reach the top. As usual with Psygnosis games, it is far too difficult for its own good.

  • Played this a lot. You need to memorize the levels like in 'Rick Dangerous'. Also kind of reminds me of 'Flood', which is also quite a tricky game. Totally forgot about this game, thanks Nick!

  • Looks pretty nice.
    I remember looking at all the computers set up on Menzies or Boots or Dixons.
    I was always blown away by games like this playing on the screen. Like you say when you are used to Speccy this was the FUTURE!

  • RoseTintedSpectrum says:

    Also, toward the end there – I think you picked up a power up that potential would have frozen the water – maybe this was needed to cross those seemingly impossible gaps?

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