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The new Angry Birds Star Wars Toys are now available!!! We picked up the Angry Birds Star Wars: AT-AT Attack Battle Game at Toys “R” Us to show everyone.

The game includes:
12 Figures,
8 AT-AT Pieces
21 Blocks,
1 Lightsaber Launcher
and Instructions

It comes with these 12 figures:
Darth Vader Pig
AT-AT Driver Pig
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Pilot) Bird
R2-D2 Egg
Han Solo Bird
Rebel Trooper (Echo Base Gear) Bird
Luke Skywalker (Echo Base Gear) Bird – EXCLUSIVE!
AT-AT Commander Pig – EXCLUSIVE!
2 X Stormtrooper Pigs
2 X Snowtrooper Pigs

The game play is similar to previous Angry Birds block games like On Thin Ice, Knock on Wood, Spring Is in the Air, Angry Birds Space, and Mega Smash.

The slingshot is very similar except it looks like a lightsaber instead of wood. Very cool game for kids.

BONUS: We included a quick look at the vintage AT-AT that my dad got when he was a kid and The Empire Strikes Back just came out in theaters. He saved it over 30 years with the box and now it is back in our play room (and video)!

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Sound Effects by

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