Asus Scar II vs Asus Scar III Review / Comparison / GL504 vs G531
USA ► Asus Scar II – 🔴 SALE! – $420 off RTX 2060
USA ► Asus Scar II – 🔴 SALE! – $600 off RTX 2070
USA ► Asus Scar II – (GTX models)

USA ► Asus Scar III – (RTX 2060)
USA ► Asus Scar III – (RTX 2070)

UK ► Asus Scar III – (RTX 2060)
UK ► Asus Scar III – (RTX 2070)

UK ► Asus Scar II – (RTX models)
UK ► Asus Scar II – (GTX models)

OTHER COUNTRIES ► Asus Scar III – [Amazon]
OTHER COUNTRIES ► Asus Scar II – [Amazon]



You guys really wanted to know if the new generation Scar 3 is better than the Scar 2, so here are the results of my tests. I was surprised by the results and i think you’ll be as well, so watch the video to the end to make a good choice. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments and don’t forget to check out the gaming benchmarks performed on both laptops. Enjoy!


Scar II GTX 1060 –
Scar II RTX 2070 –
Scar III RTX 2060 –

Scar II –
Scar III –


► 17″ and OTHER MODELS:

USA ► Scar II – (17″ models)
USA ► Hero III – 17″ RTX 2070)
USA ► Strix G – (15″ GTX 1650)
USA ► Strix G – (17″ GTX 1660Ti)

UK ► Scar II – (17″ RTX models)
UK ► Scar II – (17″ GTX models)
UK ► Scar III – (17″ RTX 2070)
UK ► Strix G – 15″ GTX 1060Ti / i5)



00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Build and design
01:29 – Dimensions
01:39 – Keyboard / Touchpad
03:53 – Port selection
04:26 – Display / Sound
05:46 – Configurations / Prices
07:25 – Performance
07:52 – Upgrades / accessibility
08:43 – Cooling system
10:24 – Battery life
10:42 – Summary – Pros and Cons


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26 thoughts on “Asus Scar II vs Asus Scar III Review / Comparison – You’ll be surprised…”

    ►► TEMPERATURES (Scar 3)!!! – More and more users report that their Scar 3 laptops run cool, so that only confirms that my unit was defective (overheating). You can expect much better performance in a properly working Asus Scar 3. If i get a proper unit i'll test it and make a review with the new gaming benchmark results.
    ►► RAM – if your laptop comes with single channel RAM you may consider adding 1 more RAM stick to take full advantage of your device. In some cases there's even up to 30% difference between 1x16GB and 2x8GB!
    ►► Mistake – Scar 3 doesn't have Kensington lock, sorry for mistake.

  • Limitless 9nyne Ent says:

    Asus Scar ii [1070 Gtx, 256GB Pcle SSD + 1TB SSD] or Asus Scar ii [2070 Rtx 512GB Plcs Nvme SSD] which would you choose for video and photo editing along with music Production!? Asap please?

  • I cant decide between Scar II 2070 and Scar III 2070 . If you would buy one of those for personal use (gaming), which one would you buy right now?

  • james ventura says:

    Hey uhm, I got the scar 3 G531W i7 rtx 2070. And got the game (dying light) I get about 150 frames but, it has these bug issues where it stutters most of the time and dropped for about 10 frames tried re-installing the game still doesn’t changed. I hope u can give me some advice

  • TommyBolognattv says:

    Scar II is hit-or-miss two big factory defects that come with most 1. speakers randomly get lower and louder no fix for it yet. 2. temperature problems… if you are not familiar with throttle stop / msi afterburner the scar II will perform poorly. upon further inspection during a repaste it was noted that the cold plate had bits of aluminum stuck to portions that touched the die. these spots had to be removed with razor blade then sanded with double 00 steel wool. also huge note the test model that was sent out to YouTubers was configured in duel channel. the one that ships from factory comes in single and requires a extra stick of ram to perform similarly


  • I have a choice between the scar 2 15" with a 2070, and a scar 2 17" with a 2060. Both are almost exactly the same price. Any suggestions on which?

  • Scar II 15" with RTX1070 for 1300 before tax today. I guess this would be a good by if I sell my 1060 laptop? Anyway very in-depth review,keep it up.

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