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Demo String: RPM Blast at 52 pounds

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Babolat adds bright new and improved Pure Strike with the 3rd Gen Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racquet. Using the Sharp Control design, Babolat created a new range of dynamic control racquets with pure feel and unique response. The Pure Strike 100 has been updated with the latest generation of Pure Feel Technology, which is embedded in the frames layup for better vibration filtering and an exceptional feel. The Strike utilizes Control Frame Technology blending the stability from a square beam shape with the more dynamic elliptic structure.
The Pure Strike 100 uses a spin friendly open string pattern for a high level of rotation. It features a 100 square inch head and an agile 21/23/21 mm beam. The Pure Strike series is popular on the ATP and WTA Tours. With a light-medium weight of 11.2 ounce strung, the Pure Strike 100 should be a perfect fit for players looking for sharp control and stability in a medium-weight, maneuverable package.

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