Here is a dobok showcase featuring some of the latest ones released. All these doboks in the video are also available as mods. You can download by following the links below:

– Warlock Dobok by consume

– Warlock Extinction by consume

– Warlock Wings by consume

– Warlock 2nd Dobok by consume

– Christmas 2014

– Crows Fashion by consume

– School Uniform mod by consume

– Valentine Nurse 2015 by castoff

– Winter Set 2015

All credits to the respective authors.

– Profiles used in this video:

I also used the evolved Jin Seo Yeon in the video. This is not a dobok mod, you can use her body as dobok, but there are some bugs, like the ones in her feet. You can download it here anyway:

Note: This one is just a test I done, and it doesn’t contain any instruction, use at your own risk 😛
Russian server pink texture fix:

How to mod by yourself:

Thanks to the people at for their awesome mod creations, finds and tutorials.

More Blade and Soul videos here:

– Background music: Together We Rule The World – Tomas Skyldeberg (Epidemic Sound)
Listen here:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

Feel free to join my QQ group: 294416707

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