Here are the itty bitty Bose 161 “Articulated Array” satellite/bookshelf speakers. I recorded this with a Zoom H1 in somewhat confined space, so please understand that these were not optimally positioned, according to Bose recommendations.

Note: this video was originally a review and sound demo. I have since trimmed the video to include only the sound portion. If you’re coming from my Bose 301 Series V Sound Demo video, please turn down your volume, the gain on the audio was increased here, but not on the newer video.

You can hear the Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting speakers here:

Thanks for watching!

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16 thoughts on “Bose 161 Sound Demo”

  • Thank you for the detailed and honest review. I'm looking to upgrade my front speakers to large floor standing units matched with a good center. I'm not looking for giant surrounds though, and would prefer to keep them a little more subtle. These appeal for that reason, and for being Bose which to me generally do well. Would these units do well as the surrounds for a 7.1 system when paired with larger floor standing fronts?

  • Note: this was originally a review and sound demo. I've since trimmed it down to just a sound demo!

    Edit: 45,000 views and counting! Thanks folks, I appreciate it!

  • Nice selection of music help to give good idea of the sound been thinking of adding to a pair of 301s do you think reflective sound adds a energy or colour to the sound that appeals to people that like bose sound. Check out Joe n Tell who does similar insight reveal on Bose 301 and like yourself comes up with good answers on bose concept.

  • This picture shows the inside.. funny as these drivers are the identical ones used in the jewel cubes and cinemates. .

  • These Bose 161 speakers deliver crappy sount. Had them for a year or so as surrounds, with big Wharfedales 9 diamond L&R and center as fronts. I don't know where to start, while the sound from the Wharfies was realistic and warm as usual, my surrounds sounded like computer speakers. Yep, you read correctly. Every time there was a special effect in movies, it sounded like crap. Music also sounded like crap (although surrounds have less volume – I can still hear them when I'm close). So.. I started digging the net a little, just to check what's the frequency response of these speakers since I suspected something is fishy, and I found out that Bose DOES NOT release any specs for their speakers. HMMM… interesting. I also read about some guy who did a freq test for some Bose model, and got sued by Bose for releasing "confidential" info about their shit products. So my conclusion is – while my Wherfies may reach up to 24khs on paper (and my hearing reaches up to.. maybe 19-20khz if i'm a generous audiophile) these Boses do not cross the 15-16khz, and they don't want anybody to know that, they have a hype to preserve. This is crap. This probably happens with other Boses, be warned. Changed them to other Wherfies, and wolla, sound is amazing again.

  • Totally agree with all comments you made about these. I use them to augment an Acoustimass 5 system due to a larger size room. One thing I must say is they can reach loud volume levels while not distorting for their size given enough power. Believe it or not the 2.5" drivers are the same ones used in the jewel cubes however placed in a ported enclosure in the 161.

  • This is what the so call audiophiles are afraid off, its why they bash Bose cause they know Bose delivers an amazing sound for the size. Im using them in my 9.3 set up as surrounds in my main Home theatre with Bose 301s as left and right, polk audio huge center with dual 6.5 drivers and 1 inch tweeter , Top of the line Marantz 125 rms per channel DTS-HD ,THX ULTRA, DOLBY TRUE HD at 0.05% THD, WITH COPPER CHASSIS TO MINIMIZE INTERFERANCE and 2 polk 505 subwoofers in opposite ends of the room two 10 inch sony subwoofers behind listening position in a pushpull configuration box with a separate 150 rms per channel Kenwood amp at 0.03% THD to power each sub in cabinet and a 4k HDR player with 65 inch curved tv and 125 inch electric screen and Viewsonic top of the line HD 1080 3-LCD projector projector . People tell me the experience they get at my cinema is like IMAX and is incomparable with any theatre sound they have heard and that it rivals the comercial cinemas . So there you have it Bose with the right gear in the right acoustically enhance room and right reciever sound parmeter adjustments prepare to be blown away….i guaranted it

  • beavertown2006 says:

    How do you compare the sound quality to their own Bose computer speakers let's say the Companion 2 Series III? Many thanks.

  • matias montoya says:

    i have a small room with a projector , and i think this would be fine for that kind of room. But with two of this can i use it as my principal audio?

  • Bose has always had his way to create a small transducer which can encompasses wide audio range. It is the plastic housibg which i rather dislike. Paper cone no problemo with me since there are other high end full range drivers are being made of paper based material.

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