Join @AaronQuinn716 and @GregTompsett for the Bills-Bengals Victory Post-game after Buffalo’s 3rd straight victory, 21-17 over Cincinnati.

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  • Ha You are right. Fans never consider the other team. Not like the coaches all decided to go have a sandwich in the third quarter. Bengals came out after the half fighting for their lives.
    Great points throughout guys, thanks. Could not agree more.
    Go Bills!

  • I think the Bills have benefited a lot by the early part of this schedule, even though two of the first 3 were on the road. Jets was a 50-50 game, and the Giants was a very winnable one. While the Bengals are still yet to win a game.. The defence is carrying this team as of now. But for this team to truly be contenders this season, the offense has to step it up, particularly, Josh Allen. He needs to be able to sit in that pocket go through multiple reads, like many other pro QB's in this league, the real good ones at least. Him eyeing down one reciever, then trying to make something happen with his legs may get us by the non elite teams in this league, with the defence the Bills have, but when the Patriots, Chiefs, and others they have to play in the future, this offense may very well lay an egg. And that'll be because of Josh Allen. He doesn't go through his reads fast enough, and if anything, seems like a one to two read QB, and the elite QB's of this league go through recievers in a blink of an eye when going through their reads.. Josh has to develop that, and remain calm in the pocket. He certainly has the arm talent to make any throw.. Josh Allen reminds me a bit of Colin Kapernick, obviously had a lot of success in this league, playing behind an elite defence and a great running game, but was never an elite passer, and many times was a two read QB at best, then made something happen with his legs, whether to run, or to throw on the run.

  • hope the dropped passes, and errant throws abate..would make life easier and less gray hairs..but a win is win and this is a young team learning every game how to win..Coach McD has got the culture is evident and welcome..please no bad injuries..we deserve this great season that is starting to grow..

  • When Knox bulldozed the dude like Gronk that rly swung momentum and got crowd back in it. Good show guys I tried to see it live but missed it thanks for uploading

  • You guys made a lotta great points today. The D line was underwhelming against what was supposed to be an injury depleted average at best O line. I'm already wondering where the reinforcements will come from-FA or draft. I thought Yeldon would be a greater contributor in the offense's passing game. Allen is still making those throws across his body-and connecting on many, so he'll continue to do that and risk getting burned. He ran for his life a lot today-Cinci's front is dominant, so it shouldn't have been surprising…but he's sore today, no doubt.
    The Bills are very young at key positions and not a dominant force((YET)), but the team is being built the correct way…so I'm good with it=Cardiac City this year! DB

  • I agree guys a win is a win…..In the almost 60 yrs. I've been a fan of The Bills I've seen many good teams have ugly wins against the Bills…now it's our turn…..also fans keep in mind I'm sure Cincy did not want to go 0-3 and they weren't just going to roll over and die….who knows just maybe next week they'll have 4 good quarters….loyal fans love their team in both good times and bad times…..

  • You guys are unhappy with the defense lol, how far have the Bills come in such a short time lol, 3-0 and the defense is top 5 in almost every category , good content in general through

  • adampincente209 says:

    Allen is the best worst QB in the NFL. His mistakes are all mental, I’m just afraid by the time he figures it all out, he will have taken to many hits. He look like Mike Vick at times today.

  • Hay! what do you want from second year QB, that they said couldn't even win in this league. They are just to hard on this kid. At least ten second year Hall of fame never won six games in their first year, John Elway for one. Come on guy's we need to give the kid some slack!………he' only two years old.

  • Eric Gabrielsen says:

    Soooooo glad we escaped with a win while sitting singletary, it showed how important he is and how important he will be next week

  • To start the season i said if allen can give us 3600 to 400 yrds passing 3 to 400 yrds om the ground 25 tds-10 int 8 rushing tds would be a great season he on pace for close to tht

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