Join Aaron (@AaronQuinn716) and Greg (@GregTompsett) LIVE for Post game coverage of the Bills 28-14 win over the NY Giants.

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38 thoughts on “C1 BUF: Giants-Bills Victory Post Game Show”

  • TheDarthHobbes says:

    As much as I want to get excited about the 2-0 start I just can't do it. Sadly we have seen this movie so many times where the Bills get off to a good or great start to the season only for it to fall apart by late October into November and then we are in December with no shot at the playoffs wondering once again what the hell happened? I want to see how this team does going into November before I can truly get excited about this years team.

  • Aaron, it's the two decade era of watching 2 TD leads just melt away into losses that's jading you.

    Don't get me wrong, we all felt it too. But since the only wins that we've felt certain about in the last twenty years are the blowouts, a 2 TD lead feels as if the game is actually tied for us.

  • Trevor cox Cox says:

    I think the defense is doing such a great job and the offense finally complimented them !!! 2 and 0 baby … makes me wanna Shout !!

  • Yeah Singleterry was a monster at FAU. I’m from south Florida and have followed him. In 2017 he scored 32 TDs in 12 games I believe and then 31 TDs in 2018

  • Cole Beasley is a STUD. Love how our guys are getting hands up and swatting passes. Oh,Knox sold the flop a bit,but,THAT'S STILL A PENALTY! You can't pick the flag up. Anyway,Love this team! #OntoTheBengals

  • Question for both of you. How many times do we have to see F. Gore run into the pile for 3YPC until we want to see Singletary get the bulk of the touches?

  • I’ll tell you what, I said this on Facebook and got bashed for it by the mafia. We only played good football for 2 quarters. Allen was 15-20 -210 -1-0 end of half. He finished 19-30-253-1-0. Brian daball ruined our Mojo with his conservative bull crap. Allen should of had 400 yards and 4 tds. That’s what separates the GREAT teams, they keep their foot on the gas. Then, our defensive game plan was SH**!!! You KNIW all they can do is run with Barkley and our DBs and LBs played 6-8 yards soft coverage EVERY PLAY. All they had to do is stack the box and shadow a LB inside of Ingram and a dB overtop. And giants wouldn’t of done a damn thing. But there’s no reason the play calling in the 2nd half….pathetic

  • I hate being negative Nancy after a 2 score victory, but I just really hated the complacency in the play calling, both offense & defense. The team was beyond vanilla, once they went up 21-7. The proof of this, was the play calling after it went to 21-14. Back to being aggressive & went right down the field & scored. Along with the vanilla play calling, the players were sloppy, as well. I feel we lacked the killer instinct needed to beat a team like the Patriots, today. We should have stomped on their throats & took away their will to play. The OL was dominated by a pretty bad Giants DL. Tre White looked suspect.

    Overall, happy with the win & how Allen played, but I don’t see this being a team that can contend with the Patriots or really ANY of the top level teams. Still taking steps forward.

  • Loved the game today. Tre White had an off day and that is going to happen. He'd probably agree. I know that won't be the norm for him. Let's go Buffalo!!

  • Antonio Caballero says:

    This was the best our offense has looked since Fitzes contract year. They are slowly looking loaded. All our WRs, all our RBs and all of out TEs are making plays.

  • Like what I saw from Cody Ford when he was standing up for Josh Allen after the Giants defender threw Josh to the ground when he got rid of the ball…..THAT'S A TEAM BABY !!!! GO BILL's…
    Don't care if the ref threw a flag on Cody…..Ford did the right thing…..Looking Good…..2 and 0 and both wins on the road….been a while…..This old man is excited again…..
    Don't worry guys….1st. game Buffalo looked good for about a quarter and a half…'s game good for 3 quarters……maybe next week good football all 4 quarters …
    I don't remember the last time the Bills had 400 yards in "O"…

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