Live game with Cardano related questions on YouTube. Post a receiving address and the correct answer to win the Ada prize for that question.

Important: Set your chat “Top Chat Replay” to the “Live Chat Replay” setting.
1. I will read the question twice and start the timer for 30 seconds.
2. Please post both your answer and receiving address in the same chat response. Can be in any order.
3. The first person to post both the correct response and a valid receiving address will win the Ada for that question.
4. Responses do not have to be in the form of a question. Spelling mistakes are OK. Number responses must be precise.

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5 thoughts on “Cardano Quiz! Live Gameshow with up to 750 Ada in Prizes”

  • Digital Fortress says:

    Important: Set your chat replay from "Top Chat Replay" to the "Live Chat Replay" setting. Many thanks to James Kelley for helping me sort that out. You might want to skip over the part from about 8:00 minutes to 14:00 minutes while we sorted out the posting of chat addresses. Feel free to copy this game and improve upon it.

  • This was awesome. I hope this keeps on going. Thanks for letting me hang out. Great job and congratulations to James Kelly for being extra knowledgeable

  • My advice would be to do 1 question each minute. As soon as the YouTube time goes to 12:34 … ask a question. Then at 12:35 … ask the next. This will be easier to backtrack and see who won, also, gives people a chance to re copy their address and get set for next question.

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