This is the review of the Catana 53 catamaran. The Catana range are renowned for being good offshore performance catamarans. But would this be the perfect catamaran for us? As you may know, we are reviewing and touring catamarans with the view to purchasing one ourselves. Feel free to add your scores to our review system over at

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42 thoughts on “Catana 53 Catamaran Review 2019 | Our Search For The Perfect Catamaran.”

  • Stuart McMichael says:

    For me Sailing was always to do with the being at the helm, but I’m going back to my sailing days on my Hunter 32’ in the early 80’s. Feeling the wind and spray on your face, open to the elements that was a great feeling being in control.

  • Johnnie Walker says:

    Great videos any chance of reviewing the Balance 526.
    I hear there’s one at Annapolis this year I believe it’s named Alani. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Adam Mallerman says:

    I've really enjoyed this series of reviews. I know a lot more about Monohulls than cats but with a young family who will hopefully ready for at least some charter sailing in a couple of years, I think multihull's are the way to go for us….my twin boys need room!!!! Will you be looking at Privilege boats during this series? I ask because SV Zatara is one and I'm interested on your take. Cheers!

  • About that open helmstation… Maybe it’s me being extraordinarily open minded but… With that conservative reasoning I’m positively surprised you’re even looking at a katamaran at all or biting the bullet and accepting the drawbacks of a plastic hull over a wooden hull. 😄

  • Jens Chr Brynildsen says:

    Hi guys. Just wanted to say thank you for great content for us dreamers! I just finished watching this review. I'm pretty sure it would tick all your boxes except the price? A perfect 10? 🙂

  • Just a thought and I know that you seem to be veering towards a cat but have you looked at something like a Moody 45 DS, great 1 level living space

  • Kevin Grimbeek says:

    I have never sailed, so my question may seem daft! At these asking prices would it not be possible to have dual controls, on indoors and one on the port side?

  • My Dad bought a Catana 53. If that boat is so great why does my Dad give me the watch during bad weather? I hate the Catana 53 for only because the helm is exposed to the weather. I hate wearing heavy foul weather gear. Also my mom is always worried that one freak wave could wash me off the boat. Having said all of that, I love my birth (bedroom). I love the interior. I love my shower. I love the speed with he dagger boards. I give Catana 53 and overall C.

  • Not that I'm going to spend 1.3 mill right now..but ya'll are spot on about the helmet stations..long passages manning the helm should be protected ..that bench seat back rest and a open sugar scoop 2 feet behind you is a no….also each bedroom/cabin needs a hatch for ventilation and emergency egress

  • OK I'm a landlubber and I love these. My first watch was the french canals. So I went back to ep28 and I am up to you leaving the Azores. I realise there are some Catana fanboys watching this episode. BUT out of 7 billion people why do 20 or so Shitheads continuously watch your channel? Why don't they watch something else? Anyway a thumbs up from me for each one I have seen. ALL the best. Ps. Would give two thumbs cause Terysa is a fellow Aussie but I haven't worked out how to bypass the system…LOL 🙂

  • I have been very interested in the Maverick 440 hybrid, If you get the chance to talk with the Maverick reps can you ask them about the hybrid version of the 440? I believe they will only have the 440 at Annapolis. Love the reviews.

  • steenkigerrider says:

    What is your opinion on the subject: "structural soundness of catamarans designed with wide opening area doors"? I came across another channel where this theme was briefly mentioned without going into any specifics.

  • Chris Mitchell says:

    This message is for the upcoming boat show Reviews. When you check out the Maverick 400 hybrid or the Majestic yachts can you see if they provide a modern decor or an updated style. Thanks Chris

  • So you don't know me from Adam but, lol….unless I missed it, you MUST check out Balance Catamarans….They are made in South Africa I believe & blow most of what you've reviewed away so far…[dunno I haven't watched ALL your vids] at least check em out on YouTube…know what I mean? Keep up the search, it's a huge investment & I know you two will make a good choice… Balance leans on performance, & a little pricey[similar to Catana] if I remember but they definitely deserve a look!!!!! I forget what your hot buttons are? Balance are customizable & have carbon options galore and this AMAZING dual type helm station….

  • I have just discovered the 22 part documentary put out by Aeroyacht. Very informative and they are talking about many of the things in your reviews which I am really enjoying even though I will probably never afford to have any of these new boats. Keep it up.

  • Why is visibility fantastic? I agree that it will be during docking, but at all other times, it appears that the helmsman is not able to see what happens to his opposite bow area and further ahead.
    It's actually funny. Catamarans are chosen by many because they offer great space and comfort to the sailor, however in terms of the helm position on many of them, it's just the opposite. The helmsmen seem to be at the mercy of the harsh elements while the rest of the crew can sit inside on the lovely leather sofa sipping on their drinks.
    Sure autopilot sounds like the easy way out of this, however in heavy weather that might have some downsides.
    There is so many space and excellent visibility from inside the salon in almost all of these boats, and some have even forward-facing nav stations, that it's difficult to understand why there is no inside helm position. Chris-White catamarans have inside helm positions, but they were probably made with more emphasis on sailing.

  • So you hate the outside helm station and keep comparing this Cat to the Outremer but the Outremer has one too but you make excuses for it and accept the inside helm but you won’t it on the Catana even though you’ve the owner telling saying how the sail the boat is fine I think you need to go back and listen to your first 5 minutes of the Outremer video and see the contradictory comments, you even reference the lobster pot scenario but it’s fine in the Outremer 😐

  • geez you rave about that helm station, if you really need cover at the helm, mount a sprayhood – also the more bluewater you go, the less time you actually helm – not visa-versa in 90%of the cases – personally i wouldn't buy a Catana or an Outremer – in my book both are way overpriced and utilizing the extreme demand on catamarans the past 6+years. I think there is a tendency especially on YouTube sailing channels to want a floating condo and not a sailing boat. in my book pure products like dragonfly, marsaudan comp, dazcat – who maximize the "sailing" fun are put on the backburner and discarded because they have fewer "amenities" (sorry English isn't a top 3 language of mine) now a TS5 cost 750 k euro that means compared to this boat i get – 3 tons lighter hull and save 250k euro. i could put into customization, save that money, etc – i have never seen a "perfect" boat to someone, unless they designed it them self -but i have seen many come close – by modding an existing design.

  • The helm on the Antares 44 is still my favorite. Not too high that you can't see under the jib/genoa. It's glass with windshield wipers, not plastic like on other cats. Plus the skegged rudders, shaft drive system, and engines accessible from inside the boat instead of hanging off the back of the boat in who knows what kind of weather!

  • Greetings, Thank you very much for this review. Very informative. My wife and I sailed our 43 foot Farrier performance cat about 20,000 miles over the course of 7 years. We sailed from California to Thailand and sold her 2 years ago. Since then have been on a search for our next cat. Taking what we learned from our first voyage, we checked out every boat we could find online. We looked at Nautitech, Xquisite, St. Francis, Catana, Outremere, Fontaine Pujout, Leapard, Lagoon, Schionning, Seawind and a few others. One thing we have learned is that to really know if a boat was the right boat for us we had to sail it. For that reason we chartered the Nautitech 46, sailed the Nautitech 54, sailed 4,000 miles on the Xquisite from Cape Town to Brazil, and day sailed the Catana 53 twice. Prior to our test sails we had completely ruled out the Nautitech and the Catana because of the outboard helm stations. The results of our search? We have ordered hull number 9 of the Catana 53. Why? Sailing characteristics, sail controls and winch positions, visibility, and everything is on one level. I thought I would love the bridge deck enclosed steering stations for so many reasons; all the lines coming to one place, and complete protection from sun, rain, and wind. What I did not expect was the radically different feeling sailing from the bridge deck is when compared to the outboard helms, plus the limited visibility because of the sails blocking your view. On our Catana test sail I was meant to be checking out all of the systems and looking in all the various compartments and bulges, but I never got there. I couldn't stop sailing. It was so darn fun to sail that boat! The visibility of the sails and forward through the large windows is amazing and by far the best of any catamaran I have seen, (you can actually keep watch from that back bench in the cockpit which is out of the elements). Also, it may seem like a small thing, but having everything on one level is extremely cool. On my voyage aboard the Xquisite, (which is a great boat), I realized that climbing even one or two stairs every 10 or 20 minutes to keep a proper watch is fatiguing at sea. Lastly, I love love love the sail handling on the Catana. The winch positions are at waste level so that you can stand and perform any maneuvers comfortably and with plenty of room. Choosing a boat is a big decision and there are so many things to consider. One thing I suggest to anyone shopping for their dream boat is to charter or day sail as many of the candidates as you can. It completely changed our minds and we are super excited about our choice.

  • Did I miss Nick mention the lifeboat on the Catana? That's like Terysa not mentioning ventilation… And speaking of ventilation, that boat had nice ventilation in the cabins, but not good cross ventilation. I don't think I'd be happy without crosswind vents. I hope you are ahead of posting time because there is a hurricane headed toward the states that could make for some rough sailing. Be safe and I can't wait for more reviews!

  • The problem I have with these new very expensive boats it the use of plastic laminate everywhere. No marine grade woods and veneers anywhere. It’s like a cabinet bank in an office building. What happens when the contact adhesive starts to release due to marine conditions?

  • 1. Offers superior sailing experience for a race or short cruise.
    2. Never stayed dry in a storm or completely sun protected on our 36' monohull, and very much enjoy it.
    3. Never climing up in or down from a raised helm when in heavy seas. Safety.
    4. Offers the smoothest location on the boat to control the boat. Safety.
    5. Protection from spray and sun will often be offered on one side or the other, but not always.
    6. Far better visibility under the head sail. Flexibility to always be windward of the sails. Safety.
    7. Lower boom for easier, safer access and better looks and performance.

    I lean this way, but it sounds like you are definitely the other way and are more experienced so it gives me pause. There are just so many positives to this helm ignoring the rest of the boat, but could add the cockpit areas are usually opened up since you don't have to make room for the perch.

    I keep getting tempted to buy a Nautitech for the cheap money, but keep holding out for want of daggerboards.

  • You guys might want to check out a Moody 54…….big and roomy like a cat, but still a mono hull…..tons of space and storage…also check out the new Hylas 48…that’s also a very roomy mono hull

  • coconutologist says:

    As always, thank you for the video. I know you're not taking requests, but I would very much like for you to share your opinions of Discovery's Bluewater.

  • Considering a 40ft catamarn probably has about 30-40% more living space than your 38ft monohull, what size range are you realistically looking at? I understand they only had a 53 at this show for Catana. I'm wondering if you've been able to check out an owner's version of a Lucia 40. Seems like it would be all you need as it would be more spacious than the Southerly, but I'm curious about size of cabins, headroom, length of bed, since I'm about the same height as Nick. Or are you looking for a really big upgrade in space, like a 42 or 45?

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