Brad Stevens employed an aggressive perimeter attack, with quick double-teams that held the 76ers down early on Opening Night. The passing prowess of Al Horford and Ben Simmons quickly opened the lanes, and as the game broke down into a foul-clogged mess, the 76ers took advantage at the line where the Celtics didn’t.

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2 thoughts on “CELTICS POST GAME SHOW: Brad Stevens DEFENSE shines early, falters late in 76ers LOSS”

  • Kyrie has a 50 point night and Kemba had 12 points! Ouch! But I am happy with the way Gordon Hayward played… absolutely fantastic recovery… Kemba needs to step up big time if Celtics will have a chance to beat this team… and what the hell is up with Jaylen Brown… back to his old 8 points production?!?!?! he just signed an almost max contract for 8 points??? the guy had only 6 shots in 20 mins… if this is how he will be playing, Danny Ainge just blew off good money on this guy

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