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After years of research and learning from the great youtubers who have worked so hard to show us the truth, I have found myself inspired and with myself always feeling enchanted, knowing I was here for a reason far from the gold fish bowl I grew up in. I have taken a bold step in my life to change my paradigm and give myself the time and space to turn my life into the universal playground that i know exists so strongly all around us every second of every single day.

I would like to welcome you to Enchanted LifePath, my manifestation, my thoughts becoming things, my awakening, a place where I can share my knowledge back to the World about current events and any spiritual insights related to them or any particular instance. The World is in great chaos at the moment and the power shift will ripple throughout the whole universe if not stopped. We need to get all people from the good side all in one place united by love and light all thinking and moving forward together as an enlightened consciousness, oneness, we are all on an Enchanted Lifepath together, together we can stop the War On Humanity. Together we can Take Stepping Stones Like Stars.

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3 thoughts on “Clip Of Jizzlaine Maxwell Aka Jeff Ep’s Panto Perv – The Game Show Confirmed”

  • In the rush to push the 'Jeffrey is dead' narrative, the plotters have erred with the small details…I wonder if pedo Andy will be attending his friends fake funeral?

  • says:

    Your 100% correct about it being a game to them. This Maxwell women is pure obfuscation. Rather odd statistic I heard today was 42% of the American public believe Epstein was murdered and it wasn't suicide, + 29% were undecided. Hello Macfly, does nobody over there want to suggest what you've been saying? He isn't dead. The body in the morgue is clearly someone else. U.S MainstreaM media has a narrative and the 'Epstein lives' theory is certainly not it.

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