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49 thoughts on “Coach Gessie, Dr. Amun & Dr. Amsu Talk Endometriosis, Herpes & More”

  • Queen Of Trades says:

    I swear she’s talking bout my issues with fibroids and myomectomy. And honestly 5 years later the fibroids are back and I refuse to have another myomectomy or hysterectomy like suggested to me by my gyn. I’m determined to defeat this holistically. Thank you for doing this interview.


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  • Rebekah D. Y'Israel says:

    I tried clicking on the link for the free Q&A on the website for 90 fibroid elimination, the link doesn't work.

  • 2blessed2fall says:

    19:00 black people wake up. Stop playing yourself, those people make sure to give their own top care and use safety. Pro-life is very selective, believe it!

  • 2blessed2fall says:

    Me too! I also had my fibroids shrink and is no longer in me. I overhaul my whole nutrition intake, remove foods that cause inflammation and started to to more research that leads me to cut out nightshade vegetables and get serious with an exercise system. Till this day the doctors do not believe me when I say I had fibroids not could believe my weight loss. God ordered my steps and now I'm pregnant. This is my testimony and just know the food industry and pharmaceutical industry is not on your side. God is real and good all the time. It's not a conspiracy when people wisper about these foods. Do your research. Even God said to ask questions.

  • Danielle Reed says:

    I have severe endometriosis and my mother and grandmother did as well. They both died in their 40s from internal bleeding caused by the endometriosis strangling organs.

  • Eating vegan helped me. I refused surgery and went to Boston Women hospital for a clinical trial. Glad to say I have regained my health and will probably eat vegan for life!

  • MsKitty Meows says:

    Great information. I wish they would not over talk one another. Wonderful information. I want everyone to be heard.

  • prettypinknicole29 says:

    Wow I have been on my period for 37days now it’s getting worse and worse I’m always tired, my body hurts I’m bloated my head hurts my back hurts can’t stand too long!! I wear tampons and pads.

  • Brittney Wade says:

    So let me get this straight… Charlemagne believes they killed Sebi but won't believe Nipsey is a conspiracy? Oh ok

  • angie couture says:

    CANCER : The forbidden Cures

  • Why do you have these people on and refer to them as doctors if their credentials did not come from a recognized institution? The main "Dr." is accredited under an institution he established himself and the second one "attended" this institution for his credentials. By this logic I could have you referring to me as a doctor although I have never stepped foot in medical school and know next to nothing about the subject.
    edit: These guys claimed to have cured prostate cancer with their juice. Jesus, please never have these morons on again.

  • Helen Thomas says:

    Black women sleeping Witt men who are having sex with men is part of the problem. We black folks have become as debased as white folks. We used to have a moral base, but now we’ve followed Massa down the trail of perversion, even embracing homosexuality/transmutilation/cross dressing as “normal”. We get the diseases our sin exposes us to.

  • Davina Winslow says:

    This is the main sole reason why I don’t want to be a Registered Nurse or work in health care. Thank you breakfast club for always enlightening us Kings and Queen

  • This was great to see. 1 to be talking about it in the first place and 2 for having men envolved in the convo. It is so true endometriosis and mental health go hand in hand

  • Are these men literally teaching this bullshit? I have endometriosis. Your period doesn’t have an exact day span. Cramps,flow, etc. are literally based on the woman. These crocks just made me mad. Bring someone who can actually help us!! I am appalled.

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