April’s coffee and questions is JAM-packed with all sorts of random ones from both YouTube and your Instagram comments! I talk about anterior placentas and c-section, pineapple juice & breastfeeding, filming & vlogging births, water breaking with babies that are in different positions (breech, etc), pain medication options at home/how to cope with labor at home, epidurals only working on one side of your body, what to expect for how long labor takes/pushing for VBACS, 2nd+ babies, what happens if it’s been a few years since your last birth?, how to stay at home longer, will you always tear?, prodromal labor, morphine rests, herpes, obesity, back labor, sunny-side-up babies, sleeping on your back, WHEW & MORE!! I flew through them this time! Have other questions you’d like me to feature in a future video? Comment below! Next month’s coffee & questions will be all about breastfeeding! So comment with your breastfeeding questions for next month! BLOOPERS are at the end!

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Disclaimer: all information shared in this video is framed through the lens of birth in North America and for educational purposes only. It is never to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Make sure to check with them before you try anything suggested in my videos and if you have any further questions. I do not give out medical advice.

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33 thoughts on “Coffee & Questions: April 2019 – Prodromal Labor, Herpes, Obesity, One-Sided Epidurals & MORE!”

  • Chrissy’s Corner says:

    Breastfeeding Q for next month and a TY for all you do

    I read that your breastmilk doesn’t come for a few days but yet I’ve seen others latching immediately. How does this work and if the milk isn’t in yet then what will my baby get for the first few days?

    FYI love your videos, I’m due in August 2019 and am trying to go natural. Will be taking your class or a local one for sure! I think I’ve watched almost every video of yours this week 🥰😂

  • I’m a big fan of you since I was on bed rest throughout this pregnancy, spending time watching all your videos.

    Last labor, I was too scared not knowing what to expect and the experience was VERY traumatizing.

    Your encouragement and education got me through this time and the birth experience this time was so much happier (I gave birth to a 2nd boy yesterday!!!🎉)
    The message you gave like”flex and flow” and “embrace what your body is doing” was always on my mind during labor!!!

    As you said, educating yourself is extremely important, guys!!!
    Good luck expecting moms!!! and thank you so much, Sarah❤️❤️❤️

  • Also one actually breastfeeding related question 😂 is it okay to be hand expressing a bit of colostrum during pregnancy? Leaking? I'm so curious about colostrum before birth

  • I see a lot of crunchy or super natural mom's saying to deny cervical exams because they don't tell your provider accurate info about the progression of labor and can introduce bacteria into the vagina? What do you think about this as an L&D nurse and doula?

  • How long should a newborn be breastfeeding? Sometimes my little one eats for 15 min and other times it’s 45 min! I want him to get all the milk but idk how long to feed. Thanks!! Love your channel 💙💙

  • Breastfeeding question for May: my first baby is a month old today (woo!) and from the beginning he’s eaten a lot more than expected for his age. He was born over 9 lbs and the hospital supplemented with formula to manage his blood sugar and we’ve done a combination of breastfeeding and formula ever since. My milk supply is much lower at night and never seems to be enough for him. Will it ever catch up to his appetite or will we always have to supplement? For reference: sometimes he drinks 5-6 ounces of formula at night and I can never pump more than 2-3 ounces at that time.

  • SunFlower Lykketroll says:

    My baby is two months old, what happens to breastfeeding her if i get pregnant again now? Will the milk supply stop? In that case when does it stop?
    Love your videos 🙂

  • I had prodromal labor twice before I went into labor for real. All three experiences add up to over two days of labor. It was brutal!

  • I had a horrible 3rd degree tear with my first and with my 2nd I had a 2nd degree tear but the difference between the two was night and day. Recovery was so much easier with my 2nd. My dr said the only reason I tore with my 2nd was I had scar tissue from my first since it was such a bad tear. I'm having my 3rd this week, so crossing my fingers for no tear or a small one!

  • Jennifer Emmerson says:

    Really random question but what do you know about bi-lobed placentas? When I had my little boy in November I was told I had one and that it was quite rare! Would be great to learn more than that, any reason why they happen? I also had a short cord too, is that linked? Love your videos 😊. X

  • Heyyyyyy, question! I've seen a few things about NORA tea during the 3rd trimester, is it actually safe and does it help with postpartum bleeding? Also thank you for the videos. I'm 28 weeks today and you have been so helpful throughout my journey

  • paulena hoffman says:

    I have trouble farting and pooping. anything that help? I was taking probiotics until found out pregnant (found out I was pregnant when I was 15 weeks). thank you!

  • Hi Sarah! This is Angela, I interned with you in Ecuador in 2007 and 2008! Ah! Anyway I saw “one-sided epidural” in the title and just wanted to say that happened to me while in labor with my son. It sucked! Haha I wish you were my nurse so you could’ve helped with that- my nurse did nothing to help with it! Anyway you have such amazing info here that I never even learned during a childbirth class I took at the hospital where I delivered. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!💛

  • JaclynMarie52 says:

    C&Q- considering #3. However, I'm concerned about labor.
    I had rapid labor with both of my previous pregnancies. Number 1 was born within 4 1/2 hours of first contraction, second was born in 2 hours – got to the hospital with about 20 minutes to spare,(he was also born 4 weeks too soon, stopped breathing for awhile, and needed to spend time in the NICU).
    Obviously, I'm concerned about laboring with super hasty and effective uterus: concern for baby and myself, accidentally giving birth in the car or at home to a baby who doesn't breathe independently… etc.
    Can you allay my fears or suggest things we can do?

  • Wow I love this video!

    Thank you for all the content you post! I love how informative and fun your videos are. Face time doula? Thats amazing!!
    I can't wait to see more videos from you <3

  • I watched almost all your videos they really helped me! I was induced on May 1st having a "plan" to have my baby vaginally. But she was breached and I had to have a c section which broke my heart but I was overly joyed and cried so much when I heard my baby cry and saw her!! My ??? is can you talk about VBAC? I think if I hadn't seen your videos I would've taken this much harder. Thank you! 💝💝

  • Marissa McMahon says:

    I’m curious how tandem nursing works with two children of different ages. I was reading about someone who was nursing her toddler as well as a newborn but doesn’t breast milk like conform to what the baby needs??? How does that work?

  • Shelly Rawlings says:

    Another Q! Any tips for preparing to be pregnant? How to prepare your body, things to avoid when TTC, etc.?

    Thanks so much for all you do helping people be more comfortable and ready for birth/baby ❤️

  • Shelbie Wilson says:

    I’m only 22 but I KNOW I want a natural labour , everyone thinks I am crazy and will change my mind , is it possible that I just know that I want that (I have for YEARS ) but idk I guess I may change my mind but I’m really leaning into The nitrous oxides and going with no epidural … is it common to know what you want long before you have a baby ?

  • Shelbie Wilson says:

    More of a personal question ! What is your professional opinion on mommas who believe that the whole castor oil thing to induce labor is safe ? What would you say to them ?

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