Comedian Paul Farahvar brings three stand up comics together to plead their case in front of a live audience once a month at The Laugh Factory. None of them are lawyers, ‘cept Paul. LOL. In this segment Comedians Marty Derosa, Adam Burke and Jim F try to defend the Saudi Arbia laws (recently overturned) that prevented women from driving.

For one night they transformed into lawyers for the night to discuss and argue real life legal issues facing the news from political issues like gun control to hard to discuss (and defend) cases like R. Kelly. Try not to laugh!

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“Everyone’s a Lawyer is when @midnight and Comedy Central’s roast battle met in Judge Judy’s Courtroom”

New panel of comedians every show! Next Show Sunday October 27, 2019 with Comedians Sarah Perry, David Carter and Joe McMahon (Chapion).

(Producers Paul Farahvar, Aaron Nadall, Andi Ambrose and Marsden Kelly)

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