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21 thoughts on “Death March Club Opening + GamePlay Tokyo Game Show 2019”

  • What an interesting 3rd art style… Does anyone recall seeing it anywhere else? I'm asking out of curiosity.

    (Can't wait for the release, it's strangely intriguing…)

  • Did you know the character designer for this game is also working as one of the character designers in Pokémon sword and shield (and the Aether foundation from sun and moon)

  • I'm so fucking excited for this. I dont know what people mean by the graphics being terrible, cause the cgi in this looks a bit smoother than in Ultra Despair Girls to me. Either way I have a feeling this is gonna be another fantastic game.

  • I just want to point out that idk why there is a X over the boy on the top at 3:42? If anybody’s knows please tell me because he was gonna be best boy 🙁

  • Eh? It's a platformer? Huh… Not what I was expecting – then again, I don't know what I expected from this game. I was expecting some sort of fusion of DR and ZE I guess? Not holding it against the devs, but the idea of a platformer elimination game (that isn't a one-off gag like the Death Road in DR: V3) just seems wild to me. Regardless of my expectations, I feel like they could've done a better job with revealing more info on this game. I know it's not necessarily a trailer, but most of this was just… run and jump. Sometimes push. Not that I don't enjoy a good puzzle platformer, but I just wanna know what makes this game unique. The opening cutscene is a strange way of introducing the game too. Going from relatively realistic looking student models with a jarringly bizarre mascot to jarringly bizarre… everything, kinda gives me whiplash. That's probably the intended effect, but I kind of wanna go back to the "show" kids, haha. Also gonna mention that I'm not a huge fan of the art style for the actual students. Maybe I'll grow into it.

    TL;DR – Huh? Platformer? Weird showcase. Still gonna follow the development to see where this goes.

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