Democrat Policies Leader to Syringe and Herpes EPIDEMIC
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48 thoughts on “Democrat Policies Lead to Syringe and Herpes EPIDEMIC in California”

  • All those poor thots and rich douche bags!!! You know they pass out needles and coddle addicts rather then having them get help, they also want open borders which brings drugs in. Smells like a plot to me.

  • Troy Fletcher says:

    What do you call people who facilitate a deadly habit? Murderers.

    They literally take money from productive members of society and use it to distribute drug paraphernalia.

  • Rayne SG a.k.a. inkyrayne says:

    Prisons aren't just chalk full of the so called religious, eh? Isn't a belief in some god the first thing a politician claims? Isn't "he/she is a good (fill in the religion) person" something that we hear so MANY, MANY times after someone commits a murder, rape of even financial crime? Come on, ffs, religion isn't a predictor of good behavior anymore than atheism is a predictor of bad. I always here "respect ones religion" but it's the religious who never view that as a two way street. IF you want it, then give it!

  • Now, I am not religious or anything but there is a story about two cities called Sodom and Gomorrah. Divine judgment destroyed them. Since history tends to repeat it self bet you anything California is going to be destroyed by a huge earthquake.

  • Give the dems a break. I’m sure they would be all over this but they’re pretty busy trying to frame and impeach 45. Only way demtards can win is to cheat and cater to illegals, mentally unstable, trans-everything, and addicts. Prove me wrong

  • I always thought that if a contagion breakout happened that it would be in a third world country. I think that california is moving up the list quickly.

  • Lmfaooo . Now imagine each of those 250 people will give it to another 1-5 people within a year then imagine how many people have it already

  • Danger Will Robinson says:

    That's not a music festival nor is it hippy festival
    It's where woke Californian's go pay 500$ for a instagram picture and listen to dubstep

  • jason benjamin says:

    I have a friend in the Tech industry based in San Francisco. Can't say names for obvious reasons…job security. He told me it is actually worse than what you see in the Media. Supposedly, again I can't verify because praise God I DO NOT live in Commie-Fornia, There have been incidents of City workers being stuck by these needles and young people also being stuck. Young as in Elementary School age. If this is true California is worse off than at least I thought.

  • For what their spending on cleaning up poop and needles they could pay for these people to go to rehabilitation centers and hopefully get back to being a normal American.

  • "I went to Cochella and All I got was this Awesome T-Shirt"
    "And a Scorching Case of Herpes"

    "Ask me about the Awesome T-Shirt I got from my trip to San Francisco"

  • $26 million for a needle exchange program?!
    I've got a better idea. $10,000 for a baseball bat exchange program. Basically how the exchanges goes is, we give you the blunt end of the bat, and you get the f–k out of town.

  • Laurel Sporter says:

    Legal drugs as a libertarian stance is not giving out needles, just not keeping up the lucrative black market, and support of organizes crime organizations, by prohibition. Decriminalization of drugs also does not necessarily mean littering needles should be legal, either. That is the worst thing to do. Better to leave full prohibition in place than support self-harm that spills over to harming others!

  • Chrisfragger1 says:

    What's the pay for cleaning up dirty, discarded heroin needles? Any health plants good enough to cover the risk of HIV/AIDs infection, and any other of the numerous communicable diseases you can get from handling infected dirty drug needles?

  • Here is an idea. Take every single drug user to a desert. Then prop up tents. Make them go through daily courses on drug danger, how to get better, and why it’s bad for society. In the meanwhile they are all going cold turkey. Armed guards are on the outside, you try to break out first time unless over run. Said person is beaten a few times and thrown back in. Also you’ll be chipped so they know if you try to leave again. We won’t tell you this but a bullet will fix that. Eventually they either die of with draw or try to get better.

    They are allowed to leave the tent city for another tent city for after year. All they get each day is few ounces of protein powder and a few pieces of bread plus water. Then if your still there after a year we move you to employment reconditioning classes. You are then matched to a job in a trade program no where near where you once lived.

    I just saved the US millions plus on drug fight, level of medical care would only be of absolute need like broken bone or a cold. If it’s with draw based medical issue this is that persons crucible test. Make them fight to live by changing and proving it. Then after two full years in the desert they get screened to be returned to society. Their family and friends can not talk to them at all either. No tv, no radio, no music till the second year in another reconditioning camp. If they fail that phase then it’s another year in camp 1.

    Oh yea and we get to reclaim our cities. Have a program were you can turn in drug lords, dealers, and grower still around. If it pans out you get a nice 2k check tax free. That person after evidence review if solid evidence not theory would be publicly terminated. Make the idea of taking hard drugs a major stigma with serious consequences. Seek help if normal medicine is causing addiction.

    Hmm well this seems like a harsh solution. Let’s just give hugs and kisses. Offer free needles and safe place to dispose of them. Hey if a kid or adult happens to get stuck then infected for life. It’s ok we know your self absorb desire to take drugs didn’t mean to harm anybody. Maybe someone else has a better idea than mine, just done hearing drug this and drug that all my life. Just stop taking drugs already and be a good citizen.

  • Well maybe if CA wasn’t allowing cartel in there wouldn’t be as much problem, no the mentally ill we need to talk about there are some mentally ill that are disabled but are not a danger to others. Like PTSD, those cases need to be evaluated on a one on one case

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