11 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings Post Game Show”

  • If your not a super bowl contender, then what's the point. Its simple, you have to be able to run the ball and you have to be able to stop the run.

  • Scott McClellan says:

    at the end of the day I still also say this team IS a contender in this league but the most prolific thing said her (Luke said) is we are a couple "little mistakes" away from victories where I disagree is that is not on the coach to me I believe our coach is doing what he can and knows its the details the players are just making mental mistakes and again at the end of the day coach cannot control that, They need to establish a culture (which I believe they will) that no matter how big your name or your check if you continue to repeatedly make the same errors you will be replaced on this team until we get it right.

  • Auther Williams says:

    The defense sucks no pass rush in sight to many 3 man rush not enough blitzing don't understand why you don't blitz qb who get shaky under pressure

  • Scott McClellan says:

    I could say a Ton (as you guys know haha) but for now All I will say is this…. (not making excuses but stating LIFE FACTS as I know them) When you have your heart ripped out as this team did on Monday You do one of 2 Things A) Use it as Fuel or B) let it get in your head. Unfortunately I saw what the Caller at 27 mins stated guys did NOT have the same Fire as they did in the last games… I think contrary to what I know the Coaches tried to do that far too many players allowed that game to get in their heads and they did not have the "fire" necessary to win "ESPECIALLY on DEFENSE"

  • EricALionsFan says:

    At some point, you have to point the finger at Pasqualoni and Bevell. I heard very little of that. Too many penalties today and the Lions were hit with injuries to key players. With that, there is no excuse for 42 points today. We got blown out in our own house. Unacceptable.

  • Hey micro mike don’t listen to the trolls I’m a Viking fan. But people troll to get a reaction and you getting mad just fuels them. Just ignore them

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