Detroit Lions Vs New York Giants Post Game Show

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14 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Vs New York Giants Post Game Show”

  • Gary DeRuiter says:

    I say it is just time to move on from Slay I would even trade him for Atkins DT from Cincinnati and get a 3rd round pick

  • krimsonshadow94 says:

    I'm all for trading Slay, iv'e never bought in his hype, dude get bbq cooked by no names all the time does a few good plays, no int's hardly ever but hey he's a top CB and on top of that he wants even more money even though he's already making top 10 pay, yeah he can go to buffalo and freeze for all i care, Slay ain't all that to me

  • Gary DeRuiter says:

    Here is the thing for me if we are going to run a dive then we either need to run it in a 2 tight end set and get a double team with the guard or run a fullback in there for an extra blocker

  • Gary DeRuiter says:

    It’s driving me nuts when we get in the red zone we have all that height for tight ends and we don’t use them they should be running 3 tight end sets and put them in the endzone they will out jump any DB out there

  • Therealmoesteppin Pacely says:

    The Lions and the Pistons often get out in front of teams. get a nice Lead and Then their offenses just dry up, disappear until the other team catches up stead of just out right winning games, they continue to let teams hang around catch-up and many times wind up winning games over the Lions.

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