Detroit Lions Vs Philadelphia Eagles Post Game SHow
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20 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Vs Philadelphia Eagles Post Game Show”

  • I’ve got the recipe for a win against the chiefs if we are going to win this game we have to run the ball 65 % of the time keep Mahomes off the field just like they did to Brady when we played New England

  • Winning close games against worthy opponents defines team character… Its teaching us how to win those crucial moments. No matter how ugly it may be.

  • Jeneral GBerry says:

    Have you seen the locker room after the game… loving the way the team has come together… something special is cooking in Detroit

  • Jeneral GBerry says:

    17:00 One thing i like about this team is our secondary not letting WRs getting YAC yards… as soon as they catch it we tackle.. thats a big plus

  • Jeneral GBerry says:

    10:40 Man Mike these refs are killing the game… these refs need to start beeing held accountable. If a player can be fined for a number of things, why should the refs be excluded?!?

  • Jeneral GBerry says:

    5:00 idk what TA has been seeing… just because Flowers isnt getting sacks doesnt mean he hasny been doing anything.. hes been freeing up the D.Tackles and has been getting pressure

  • >score 27-24 our offense sucked, Stafford sucked

    >score 27-24 yeah our defense was great

    Just accept Stafford is a good and seasoned quarterback. He hasn't taken tons of risks, he knows where to throw, when to throw. We gotta fix our defense and our special teams while Stafford is still active. He has the knowledge, the game vs the Eagles was still satisfying, and we won. Fuck the Eagles.

  • Too hard on stafford even ESPN thinks he did well
    QB Breakdown: Another good day from Matthew Stafford. He took advantage of smart play calls from Darrell Bevell and made the right reads, including on a 12-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones II that gave the Lions’ a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead. It was a great call and a perfect pass. Stafford finished 18-of-31 for 201 yards and one touchdown.

  • I disagree I thought the lions played great other than I don’t know what the coaches are doing running the ball like there was 2 minutes left in the game when there is 12 minutes left in the game

  • Therealmoesteppin Pacely says:

    Bevel doing OK but he got to stop being scared at the end with his playcalling at the end of the game stay aggressive…get the win!

  • Therealmoesteppin Pacely says:

    I’m worried about them calling this conservatively play calling at the end of the game hoping the time run out …let’s not make no mistakes….his play calling from a coward. Yes Stafford throws the ball more accurately.

  • Lions Domain22 says:

    They won as a team and that’s the best way to win in my book… I think we can and will get better… Keep the hope and keep are heads up… Bring the Roar for the chiefs game… Going to need a miracle to win or at least keep it close next week… next week is a real challenge…

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