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In this series I give my thoughts on the Steelers performance after the game. This will be in addition to Terrible Towel Tuesday, which in that series I look ahead to the next opponent. In this episode I give my thoughts on the Steelers Week 8 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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8 thoughts on “Dolphins vs Steelers Post Game Reactions | Terrible Towel Post Game Show Week 8”

  • MrOrlandodh12 says:

    Mason Rudolph is learning the game this is one thing I see so far he is auditioning for being a starter QB for the steelers. Mason Rudolph is a pocket passer like brady he isn't mobile. We need to play to his strengths once he proves he can't do like other mobile shifty QBs. He is being molded into being a precise qb for the offense.

  • Milton Buckner says:

    People kill me!!! Hate I missed the show last night!!!! Either I'm tripping or didn't tommy Maddox an Kordell have that same defense!!? Did we see a Superbowl with them? We ain't see a Superbowl till #7 got there right!!?? And nobody ever bring up Ben's 3 clutch play off performances that Superbowl yr neither!! Boy I tell ya!! Smdh!!

  • Sunny Rothmiller says:

    I feel like when you have a franchise QB it shows right away. The players that are going to be good show it in some form. I dont get that with Rudolph.

  • The team is really coming together. Mason got boo'd and still brought it back. We have a franchise QB he just needs time. Let's see how things go against not the dolphins.

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