The legacy and marathon continues as the powerful family of Dr. Sebi join us on Sway in the Morning. Kellie Bowman, his daughter and Izeah Bowman his grandson are keeping the good work alive by giving our Citizens honest and non-judgmental advice.

There have been rumors of foul play in Dr. Sebi’s death, but his family lovingly shut them down, along with any affiliation of Nipsey Hussle’s death through his involvement with the documentary he was producing of Dr. Sebi’s life and healing accomplishments. However, they did update us with the status of the documentary, stating they’re aiming to wrap it up by September 2019.

While in-studio, these well-educated leaders in our community list the unauthentic vegetables (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower) and advised our Citizens how to start a more conscious and clean diet – from eating berries and kale to higher alkaline plants and fruits.

Watch below as they share with us thee most powerful and healing herb, Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss and how to truly each healthy when organic food is sometimes more expensive.

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Dr. Sebi’s Daughter & Grandson on Nipsey Hussle, Documentary & Herbs that Cure Aids and Herpes

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34 thoughts on “Dr. Sebi’s Daughter & Grandson on Nipsey Hussle, Documentary & Herbs that Cure Aids and Herpes”

  • Where’s the link showing that he cured someone? Seems to me that if the evidence is so readily available, why not provide the link? Because it’s BS, that’s why! The dude was acquitted of “Practicing Medicine w/o a license”! How the fuck does that translate into to curing people of a disease? It doesn’t and anyone that believes that BS lacks critical thinking and reading comprehension skills! Plain and fuckin simple! I can say I healed a blind man. M’fer with any sense would then ask, “How do we know he was blind to begin with”? Why M’fers don’t ask that question about See b is beyond me! M’fer wasn’t on Oprah! And Oprah has done more for black people globally then anyone else I can think of! You know why? Oprah heard the story, investigated and called it for what it is! BS! M’fers wanna believe something so bad that they’ll believe anything! Where are these M’fers that he cured? Name one! Just one! You fukkin can’t and if you did, it goes back to what I said earlier and that is how do you know that person was sick to begin with! Prove it! Or STFU!

  • There’s nothing that this brother said that’s suspicious or underhanded! But authenticity is a bad thing I suppose!


    🌞It is our purpose🌠to eat Well🗺Now Hi-Contious⛈food fruit's🍉🍒🍓🍌🍇🍑🍐 veggie's🍆🍄🌶🍅🍊and Fluid's🍶🍵🍯🍮upgrade water's💧SOULFULL family Sebi'$-€ Thank you ALL🌌

  • Ashley Locke says:

    I guess people don't really listen cause at da beginning when Kelly starts to speak she says "my father died because he figured it out!!""STAY WOKE PAY ATTENTION…she said it without saying it.

  • People claim Dr.sebi was knocked off because of what he knew, the person they really should have knocked off was the Mexican guy that taught him!

  • queensofspades decs says:

    Yall must just hate life why are you sitting here talking about Izeah and Kelly. I meet them personally and they are amazing individuals. It's not even about the money izeah has given away free products. Send love their way, why do people hate so much!

  • Ms Kelly Kincaid totally mispronounced a lot of people's names. That kind of only stuck out with me because if I know something or someone I wouldn't mispronounce it. You definitely have to appropriate yourself with something or someone if you are going to put out or broadcast it.

  • techygrams 2017 says:


  • techygrams 2017 says:

    only eat organic whole natural foods only!!! and natural herbs. and only alkaline spring water. doing like Dr. Sebi has recommended has healed my body. I do not eat only things from his lists. so either eat to die or eat to live. no processed foods or any animal products. only ORGANIC FOODS AND HERBS. RESEARCH YOU PRODUCTS BEFORE CONSUMING. ONLY BUY SEEDS to grow only heritage seeds. most of our foods have been tampered with to feed the masses they have been playing GOD with our foods to make us Sick! food has been weaponized to keep us sick they lose money if we stay healthy. WAKE UP PEOPLE ALL OF YOU. !!!!

  • techygrams 2017 says:

    I do not believe the grandson one reason is the government has probably threatened their lives if they said anything different that what he said. This is bull crap, I still believe the government aluminate killed him because of his discoveries on healing. 2nd reason is the government has also killed a whole lot more of natural healers in the USA also and around the world not just Dr. Sebi.

  • Jason Ramirez says:

    He's so used to speaking improperly that he actually has to think about how to form a proper sentence. Stop the ignorance in communication if you really want to be taken seriously! Valuable information can be undermined when it's presented this way. A college educated person shouldn't speak this way. That's not culture, that's social rebellion called "ghetto". That'll hold people back more than poor nutrition. 🙄

  • His grandson and daughter don’t want to be assasinated too and have been ordered to cover it up or else! Sebi and Nipsy have been made examples of . That’s what happens to you when you buck too hard. If you don’t believe me then tell me why the most prolific get made examples of and not the dumb asses like lil Wayne?Prove me wrong!!

  • GaudyCouturist ! says:

    As a recovering fast food addict..I went cold turkey and started sea moss…in jus a week…my body feels better…best place to start is in the mind….do it!

  • The Mid-Knight Rider says:

    These two young relatives of Dr. Sebi were morally compromised clearly obfuscating the truth as it is understood by many that they and Dr. Sebi's "widow" conspired to betray Dr. Sebi thus resulting in his unlawful detention by the Honduran Police and his soon-to-follow death.

    Dr. Sebi even spoke about this very betrayal prior to his tragic demise.

  • What ever you do , DONT LET ANYONE get to your FATHERS NOTES and or PATENTS , LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO TESLA 👉🤔👈

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