Drag Race Thailand: Season 2 – Ep. 3 – Rant & Review

Thai Beauty

Hey everybody! Let’s get into episode 3 of Drag Race Thailand. The queens had a fun mini challenge creating headpieces and a photo maxi challenge with a prince. The runway way theme was based on transitioning from something ugly to beautiful. So sit back, relax and grab a snack it’s time to enjoy some time with Matty Rants!

*Some of the pics in the background have subtitles and i didn’t have a way of removing all of them just yet( had to make sure some of the looks i could show fully). I will work on that in the future.
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22 thoughts on “Drag Race Thailand: Season 2 – Episode 3 – Rant & Review”

  • love seeing you review this! idk if you've seen the Roscoe's video where Pangina was watching along but it really gives an insight to the major differences between the way RPDR is done and DRT. I haven't had the chance to watch this season so I'm basically vicariously watching through you lol

  • The Boostress says:

    I'm so happy you are doing these because as I've watched this show (since S1) I wondered if you'd be as excited by the same things.

  • Well…… the finale was much shorter than the first one & although the performances were great & they all looked amazing, I found it a bit rushed at the end & you didn't even here from the gorgeous & heavily dressed up Line TV Producer, an outrage 😉 They also seem to think that P'Art can't handle a live show, which does make you keep thinking, where's P'Art? Can't wait to hear you review………… come on!!! xx

  • Gurl, I've just seen the finale & you gonna be shook the house!! Pangina looked truly hideous, like jaw droppingly bad, especially against the divine P'Art. Ru popped up in quick drag & a hard filter, but the worst thing of all, some idiot on the production team in the US got Angele's name wrong & so Ru said 'Andale Anang', how is that possible, it comes across like, 'we're doing this coz my name is on the tin, but who really gives an F.' Shame!! I'll leave the rest for you to watch, hurry up 😉 xx

  • April Pemberton Holden says:

    Matty, oh gurl! Here in little old U.K. across the pond, I have just watched the final of RPDR Thailand season Two. It’s spectacular,awesome, amazing, glorious and emotional. I don’t know if it gets a bigger budget but it leaves the original in its wake. No spoilers! I have enjoyed the whole season, The fashion, drama, costumes, make up, ingenuity, challenges also I like that the contestants can explain their runway look, the way it is produced makes for one exceptional programme.The looks that Art Arya, Panginaheals & all the other judges have done have been delicious.I can’t speak Thai but that didn’t seem to matter. I can’t wait for you to get to it, I’ll still watch your review as it find your review both fair and constructive..Love ya ❤️💋

  • That likay actor was so shady and I was here for it! Good looking out of costume, too.
    I was living for Bandit PUSS PUSS!!! I think Maya's story for her character was almost perfect if she had enough time or props to go all out and really give us the emotion of the story she was telling.

  • Suzanne Wilmott says:

    Is it just me or…. (here I go again with my "Is it just me or…" I'll be getting bitchslapped)

    BUT IS it just me, or are Art and Pangina showing Ru up a little bit? Last episode, Pangina with those birds on her shoulders my God!!!!! And this dress Art is wearing!!! And I'm a few episodes ahead of you, but there is another outfit Art has which is just… damn, they always look sickening!!!!!! And never repeating a look twice it seems.

    So I watch an episode, then I head on over to Rupaul and it's like…. same blonde wig, same silhouette… same makeup (it's gorgeous, but still…..) It's like she's stopped trying.

    And just season 11 in general, usually she'll call a girl out for being too similar, oh you already did that kinda thing. But Vanjies had the same colour outfit 3 times in a row, a few girls have worn bodysuits multiple times and Ariel Versace had the same fucking Troll Doll hair until she got kicked off. Not a peep from Mama Ru. Is she over it? I get the feeling she's almost bored somehow.

    In DRT Panginas ruthlessly screaming "YOU WORE THOSE SHOES LAST WEEK!!!!' at some poor Queen, while in RDR Nina West and Scarlett had some pretty awesome looks and it was like Rupaul didn't even notice!!!!

    Also, sorry, but look at Bandits look, then think about Brooklyns Bandages. Think about how Ru seemed to love those bits of stuck on tissue so much. I rest my case.

  • I see now where Raja (Sutan Amrull) got some of her work/skill/beauty aesthetic from, even before ANTM! She shows that creativity is more than slapping a wig, some makeup and cloth on, then sashaying down a runway mansplaining your lack of an outfit. Even when that's all she's given she puts some werk into it hunty! The art of drag.

  • YAS! Luvin' and respecting DRT way more than RPDR S11! Frankly, everything since S3, in which the top two contestants were Asian Americans (Raja and Manila Luzon) with strong familial ties to nations near Thailand, has been a rocky downhill slide. Their first DRT FPR mentioned being pleased with DRT emphasis on Asian cultures as well.

  • Rupaul Drag Race needs to have more on the fly competitions like DR Thailand. Hope they show more of their skills and have the editing portray that.

  • Janice Silvermann says:

    Wow, great review! Watched this a while ago, but I guess I missed a lot. Just sent you a little encouragement via your PayPal. Please keep reviewing DRT. I don't know that anyone else is doing it.

  • Drag Race Thailand is really illustrating how our Drag Race is losing the sewing and design talent that made the earlier seasons more exciting. You are doing a great job, Marty. So many Americans are not willing to learn about other cultures, so we appreciate all the work you are doing.

  • You give me all the life!! Bc of you I have watched alllllllllllll of this season (to date) and can't wait for you to catch up! My favs have been P'Bandit & Kana Warrior!!!! I Stan for them both and Panginaaaaaaaaa does no wrong!!! Stay strong Marty and keep pushing. Your breakthrough is coming. 💕💕💕

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