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Jae – Welp, A few Joker reviews came out over the weekend, and as expected, it seems it’s nothing short of amazing. I know I can’t wait to see it! Although it’s exciting, do you think all of the early perfect scores are over the top, or do you believe the hype. Thanks!

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27 thoughts on “Early Joker Reviews Are Mostly Outstanding But Not All Of Them”

  • Tramaine Terrance says:

    Well, I'm not surprised by this. DC will always receive hate, from bias Marvel fans, or just individuals that want DC to stay out of the way. Regardless, of what critics or anyone says about the film, I'm excited for the film and I will judge for myself. I'll always be a DC fan. The film looks great and I'm ready to watch.


  • on one point you said – we DO already have some good standalone marvel and dc comic films: Logan, Deadpool, Dark night for instance. But yeah, we need MORE

  • This is not a family movie like wonder woman or aqua man. It wasnt supposed to be. Critics like that are looking at it the wrong way. This movie should be studied aswell as watched. I think it looks fascinating to watch ideas unfold in the society in this movie because of how Joker was treated during his earlier time in the movie……just like Carrie. Better watch your ass and who you mess with.

  • The hype is real. I feel blessed to have gotten TIFF tickets to Joker and the movie did not disappoint. Joaquin Phoenix is the best.

    What's makes the movie better after watching this piece are the real life comparisons : "We are clowns" and "We are the deplorables." Along with Thomas Wayne and Donald Trump. There are other such eggs as well that make the movie real in a way that a Marvel movie cannot be.

  • How ironic that a discussion that starts out with the observation that all movie reviews are subjective degrades into an attack on those reviews they choose to disagree with, (even though none of them have seen the film yet). Jesus… so much for objectivity.

  • My present apprehension is this. Venom is a spiderman villain. Venom hates Spiderman. Venom calls himself "venom to spiderman" …so if you remove spiderman from a Venom storyline…what is his motivation ?
    In my opinion Sony's Venom did not come up with a compelling enough story.

    This is my fear in the Joker move. I see so much buzz about "comicbook fatigue" "hereo fatigue" "extended universe fatigue"
    The movie is great because it is not like other comicbook movies ?

    The Joker works so well as a foil to Batman's personality…can a Joker story really function in a world devoid of Batman ?

  • Of course some people are not going to like it.
    The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. By a landslide.
    Snowflakes are now getting upset because other retarded snowflakes are getting upset about a movie.

  • Given the deliberate intention of evoking Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, it goes on to follow through and (presumably) focus on the fragility of the human psyche left to fester without true connection to other humans…sounds good. Doesn't sound like an endorsement of anything disconnected people, sounds like tragic parable anti hero tale.

  • Everything is so overly criticized and exaggeratedly so that it is pointless to read reviews much of the time. It’s just one persons Veiw. … just go and see it and be the reviewer yourself. Reviewers just plant things in your head and make you think things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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