Learn how YOU can detox out any virus such as Herpes following these steps.

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EXACT Steps on How-to-DETOX HERPES or ANY Virus out of the Body FOREVER!

DETOX PROCESS ——– The Best Way I make a Detox Salad With ONLY Fruits & Herbs

DETOX PROCESS – AVOID ALL Grains, Starches, Meat, Dairy, Nuts & Cooked Foods

DETOX PROCESS ——— What is DRY FASTING and What does it Help With?

DETOX PROCESS ——- A Few Extra Ingredients to Help Spice Up Your RAW SALAD

DETOX PROCESS——-Flow Water – Natural Alkaline Spring Water NOT from a Plastic Bottle

DETOX PROCESS ——— Tips on Why People FAIL and Why Some SUCCEED?

DETOX PROCESS — — — Why Your Kidney’s MUST be FILTERING (What You should Notice with Your urine)

Does a NEGATIVE HERPES Test Mean I am done with this issue for Life???

WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking. Anyone who is pregnant or nursing should avoid herbs and attempting to detox. Any images used in this video are for educational purposes in order to show examples.

source: https://pub-ed-inquiry.org

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24 thoughts on “EVERY STEP Needed to Detox Out HERPES or Any Virus FOREVER!!”

  • Hi James, what veggies are okay to eat that WONT reverse the detox. And what’s the best way to filter your kidneys quickly?
    Tried going back to your older videos, but couldn’t find them.

  • Marvelous Malik says:

    I only have HSV 2 on my gentitals and they haven't showed up anymore since last year from January to February. I haven't bought and used this product yet. I was really happy about hearing this but after watching this video I feel very discouraged that this might take me a long time and I love to eat everything. I'm 21 years old now and I have high metabolism rate so I can't gain much weight and stay slim and fit. And I have foreskin on my gentitals as well. Can I please ask for some advice to go through this process when I get the product and everything else needed to not feel discouraged. Please and Thank you!

  • Ariana Lurie says:

    80% of the inmune system in within the gut. You have to restore to gut good bacteria, heal and seal leaky gut and there you go.

  • I got my Neg results in da mail today. This sh*t works. It took me just over 3 months and I never cheated. I ate mostly fruits that were fresh with some dates, berries, avocados and I fasted all day everyday. I did only 1 huge meal per day. James is tellin the truth and it all works if you let it work. I am glad I am done. It's feastin time now boy!!

  • Herbal Treatments says:

    I have HSV 1 in the genitals. I got it from my ex that I’ve been with for 7 years. I’m constantly always in pain (tingling itchy sensation). Makes me so depressed I don’t want to live my life anymore with this disease. I got the oils. I’m going to just jump into raw fruits and fresh water. I just can’t wait to live a normal life again

  • Herbal Treatments says:

    James, once the disease is detoxed out of the body can you go back to eating meat,grains,nuts and what not ? Or will that trigger it?

  • This Really WORKS!!!! I started the detox back in November and i just got my test results back today and i tested negative for HSV 2!!!!! BUT! i still tested positive for HSV 1 with a IGG number of 2.46, which i will continue with the detox i also test negative. For anyone just starting i hope this gives you hope and motivation for you not give up and stay strong as the process can be challenging, but as Theodore Roosevelt Once Said "“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

  • I’m 37 days in completely fruits and berries melons organic 🥛 thistle goji antioxidants powder and clean water I cut out the herbs because the produce market I go to does not sell organic along with James oregano oil and olive leaf I lost about 30lbs I weight around 200lbs b4 I will keep y’all posted I will test after 3 or 4 months


    UPDATE- KIDNEYS JUST STARTED FILTERING!!!! Did a 15 hr dry fast! Ate a big meal for lunch, got out of work. Brushed my teeth went straight to bed. Woke up this morning , and you cant even see through this jar!!! Wish i could post pics on YouTube!

  • Shadow Dancer says:

    Guys! I started the detox in December. Eating really clean and taking the oregano oil following these instructions. My dr told me I had hsv2 last year. I got my test results bac 2 days ago and I'm effing negative! my detox isnt over still gotta detox pesky sv1 but holy shit. Im less then half way through my second bottle of oregano oil. Dont give up on ur detox or yourself! trust me I've been through it with this virus, I know it can really impact your self esteem but do not give up! I'll email James when all my tests are clear. But super good news. Much love to you James! Keep going guys.

  • God Bless America says:

    So when dry fasting 16/8 do we eat (fruit and herbs) only ONE time a day during the 8 hr window or do we eat as much fruit etc as we want in the 8 hr window ? Also I bought green tea with cranberry and pomegranate in it. Is that tea fine? I didn’t pop out the seeds in the watermelon.. I ate them..is that fine?

  • Bettina Aslan says:

    Hi James, I have a bit of a problem… I live in a country that does not have non plastic bottled water but more importantly does not have berries other than strawberries on occasion. They do have dragonfruit though. Can i substitute dragonfruit for berries? Or should i try shipping blackberry powder from outside the country? I am committed to your process and trying to make this work.

  • Question, and I’m not sure if it’s already been asked but I’ve watched a lot of Dr. Morse and Dr Sebi videos online about detoxing viruses that “have no cures” out of the body and also all of James videos and I know this has nothing to do with herpes and neither am I HIV+ but I was recently watching a video about Charlie Sheen going to Mexico to get cured of HIV and his numbers went down to 0 but he then came back to the U.S. and his numbers went back up.. so does this mean with the virus’s that’s out there once you detox them out there’s still a chance that not all of the virus got detoxed out which causes the viruses to replicate themselves all over again and causes you to still have it? It’s like I’ve seen videos of people saying they’ve detoxed the virus out and there numbers are down to 0 and all a sudden they spike back up and they still have the virus when they no longer are doing the treatment. All I’m asking is when somebody detox’s themselves of these viruses should they stay on the diet just to stay safe or can they go back to eating and drinking however they’d like wit being 100% free of a virus. But when you read on this stuff they say that it’s attached to the nerve system and lays dormant in the spine where it’s hard for medicines or even natural remedies to get to. And I’m not being a hater or doubting this mans intelligence at all, if anything I’m just curious because I don’t know it all and it doesn’t hurt to ask questions
    Thank You

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