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– Eric’s Been Playing Link’s Awakening (03:00)
– Stan on Monster Hunter World – Iceborne (21:45)
– Ni No Kuni Re-Release (32:18)
– Dragon Quest 1-3 on Switch (35:20)
– FF7 & 8 Physical Edition (50:38)
– Tales of Arise (57:22)
– Star Ocean – First Departure R (01:07:23)
– Dragon Ball Z – Kakarot (01:14:00)
– KH3 – Re Mind (01:23:50)
– Atlier Ryza (01:31:20)
– Final Fantasy – War of the Vision (01:38:15)
– SNES RPGs We Want on Switch Online (01:44:50)

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3 thoughts on “FF7 & 8 Physical Edition, RPGs at Tokyo Game Show, SNES RPGs We’d Like On Switch”

  • I used to love the random encounter podcast at RPGfan. Would be amazing if you could get the old crew back together – Rob Steinman, Derek Heimsbergen, Stephen Meyernick and even John McCarroll XD

  • “Do you know Yuri Lowenthal friends? I tell you now and true. He is the Prince of Persia.”
    “All hail the Prince of Persia. A greater hero the land has never known.”

  • Unreal Engine 4 wont be able to support 60fps on consoles particularly on consoles which is i would say vital to Tales game spirit. Even DQXI struggled between resolution & framerate despite the zones.
    Its pretty much going to be zones. That's how most games have been.
    Also the battle system feel can be felt because its pretty much classic Tales battles system with classic combos which look more flashy.
    I think people saw the flash & thought it was extremely evolved.

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