14 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer – Reactions & Breakdown – SweetJohnnyReacts”

  • They are adding new content to make the midgar ark longer. Don’t be confused every time you see something that doesn’t fit in with the original.

  • I only remember the ghost monsters in the train graveyard… immune to physical attack and weak to fire magic (IIRC).

    I'm assuming that the summon will have a time-bar, and as it goes down, the summon will help pummel down the enemies and when the time-bar ran out, it releases the "limit break" and then goes off.

  • 11:19 No, that's not Air Buster but Hundred Gunner. you originally encounter it in the elevator of the Shinra Building.

  • The chariot is this enemy i think : https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/5/5d/Eligor_FF7.png/revision/latest?cb=20120704195240

  • Here's eveything I spotted that wasn't mentioned here.

    The ghosts are called the Watchmen of Fate, but I'm starting to think that they may also tie into the ghosts that you fight in the train graveyard.
    The horse and Chariot monster is called Eligor. I spotted it straight away. In the original you can steal Aerith's Striking Staff from it.

    Rude makes an early appearence. It looks like you're fighting him in Sector 5.
    The Sephiroth appearence in definately in Sector 7, I can tell by the light bulbs.
    Cloud is strapped to Wedge in the sky diving scene.
    I wonder what the fireworks are about in Wall Market?
    @8:35 that's 7th heaven, not Aerith's house, but I agree that it's the event you described.
    During the assault on the Sector 7 pillar events @8:47 you can see that there are other people fighting alongside AVALANCHE.
    @9:50 I think it's the Shira Building. Similar wall textures to what we saw in the last trailer. Also, I don't think you can pick your party leader. Barret wouldn't be able to swing across these rafters.
    @10:13 I think this is after the plate collapse. I think he's searching for survivors.
    The Toad moment is my favorite bit! I've had whole discussions about how much I wanted to see Toad in the game! Awesome!! Also there's and ability called "Bubble Breath" in that scene.

    I don't recognise the enemy at 10:33 either. I'm pretty sure it's new.
    Good spot on the "health bar" for Ifrit!!!
    That's all I got.

  • Laughing Man Productions² says:

    Aeris is in 7th Heaven I think, not her house. I think she forces Tseng to take Marlene to her house in exchange for going with him.

  • Maybe im remembering wrong but wasn't there a chariot type random encounter in the train graveyard in the PS1 game? I seem to remember him being a rare spawn that gave the highest EXP out of all the enemies in the area.

    Edit: I checked the wiki and found him. It's a rare enemy called Eligor. You are able to steal the Striking Staff which is Aerith's best staff until you get to Junon. He is able to put you to sleep and also silence you so maybe the blue icon underneath's Aerith's name was the Sleep status symbol for the remake?


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