10 thoughts on “First look at Lenovo T495s”

  • Definitely touchscreen only on devices like yoga or other tablet types, but I've never understood why on earth so many want touchscreen on regular laptops. Imo it's horribly unergonomic thing to do. Also serious like for smearing filth to screen. Laptop with TrackPoint and TouchPad. I love TrackPoint style devices. Only usable things to do ie. Cad on the go. With TouchPad it gets highly unergonomic and tiring to try to move pointer with millimeter accuracy for even 5 minutes. Orbiting is also pretty much impossible with regular touchpads in 3d cads. TrackPoint is highly underrated device that easily defeats touchscreens. I hate that I had pretty good trackpoint/touchpad simulation on my first android phone (HTC desire) and now no devices have that. It was really convenient for ie. copying and pasting text etc.

  • Thanks for the review! Just one minor correction: Vega 8 is not dedicated graphics – it's integrated graphics.
    I can't wait to get one of these to slap Linux on it.

  • I don't care much about touch screen. But why didn't you get a T495s? It is thinner, lighter and cheaper! Not to mention with larger battery and battery life.. hmm?

  • Nevil Overmann says:

    I'm really looking forward to your followups on this one. I'm looking for a machine and had settled on the T580, but then the T495 and T495s came along and now I'm back to the comparing-stage. Some indepth looks and benchmarks etc. would be great. There is so little info on this machine at the moment.

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