Sign up for Skillshare: | What’s the deal with the feather in Forrest Gump? What does it actually mean? Here’s our take on how the Robert Zemeckis/Tom Hanks classic — celebrating its 25th anniversary — is still teaching us a lesson about our destiny, about the random and the divine — through that little white, floating feather. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:

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45 thoughts on “Forrest Gump Explained: What the Feather Means”

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  • steven baxter says:

    Mcnamaras folly is…?is this what forest gump is based on. It's the only way I can make some sense of this film. Very low IQ people being drafted to make up the numbers (mcnamaras morons) PLEASE WATCH……..

  • Johnny Antonny says:

    Well i have a totally different take on the meaning of the feather. For me the feather is Jenny, his mom fulfilled her destiny on raising up Forest, but for a person that is not so lucky when born, he has a guardian angel ( that was praying to become a bird) guiding him through his life so that all the series of events would lead to him being gifted with a son. And that's when the guardian angel can ascent to the heavens or so.

  • Forest gump was a movie about borderline girl who took advantage of a mentally disabled man for 3 decades. The white feather is a reference to the white feather movement where british girls shamed boys into dying for a war that they did not understand.

    This movie is comparable to “starship troopers” which was a movie about American foreign policy that no american picked up on.

  • One of the reasons this movie is so popular, along with The Shawshank Redemption, is because of the message of hope and perseverance. Audiences crave this.

  • 2:50 No, he's not watching the feather. He doesn't even see the feather. He's watching for his son to come home.
    The feather which was once important enough for him to save has become something he doesn't even notice. It shows how his priorities have changed.

  • The problem with this is, there is no way to test it. How do you know what happens by chance and what happens because of a blessing?
    More importantly, what happens because someone has worked really hard to make something happen and what happens because God made it happen?
    I just saw a video with a woman who has cystic fibrosis. They recently bought a new house, and she has recently started a new experimental treatment that shows great promise for improving the quality of her life.
    While this is really great, and they of course are quite thankful, but I think in thanking God they are thanking the wrong people. They are thanking God when it was an army of doctors and scientists and social workers who all worked together to not only develop the treatment but to get her on that study.
    As far as I can see, God had nothing to do with any of it. You might say, "Well, God gave those people the knowledge they needed to develop the treatment." but that doesn't even make any sense.
    If the knowledge came from God, why not give that knowledge to people 2000 years ago?
    Looking at how the treatment of disease has progressed, it seems to me that it came form people working together, having new ideas and developing treatments, then improving those treatments or developing new treatments based on what has been learned before. How does God fit into that? In fact, with an all powerful, all knowing God in play, why are there diseases that leave children to die gasping in the first place? If God wanted to help, then he could simply cure whoever he wished.
    Be thankful to the people responsible for easing your suffering. Curse those who could help but not to, and most of all, CONDEMN those who cause unjust suffering in the first place.
    God, if He exists doesn't diverse thanks, he deserves to be condemned. People wonder why Atheists "hate God." Well, fist off, atheists don't believe in God. But we also see the fictional being in the Bible for what he is: An evil Villain.
    If you find that offensive, I suggest you read your Bible. I mean really read it, not just the good parts.

  • This is one of my all-time favourite movies, any movie that can reach deep down into my soul like this one can, is a rarity, and one which I deeply appreciate. Any movie can make you laugh, or cry, but seldom can you find a movie that does both, that leaves you feeling uplifted, and happy at the end, despite so much tragedy and struggle. In many ways reminds me of my life, my childhood, the struggles I’ve been through, and the knowledge that eventually, one way or another, things have a very strange way of working themselves out, even when you can’t see it. I haven’t watched it for a while, usually because I end up in tears, sometimes from sorrow, and sometimes from joy, but this is one movie that will live in my memory forever.

  • AA Productions says:

    When I die, I want to tell my loved ones what to think about, but not what to do. I don't want to make them feel obligated to uphold a promise, if something else may come up that's more important to them. "You never know what you're gonna get", so I think it's foolish to stick to something of the past and not adapt to your future. I would never want to hold anyone back by some "promise" I have them make to me. All I can do, is share my experiences and thoughts and make them wonder, and think, and be creative, and imagine, oh, and did I say "think", yeah… and I will let them know that I only want them to be happy and have a good life. BUT I ASK FOR NO PROMISES! I don't need anyone's promises, especially once I'm dead!

  • I just shared a picture of a feather that landed at my feet that I took a year ago. It literally fell thru moderate tree cover and hovered at eye level for a few seconds before landing in front of my foot. It happened again a month later. I went to my bike to get something and 5 steps back I stopped and a feather just appeared out of a clear sky and hovered at eye level for a few seconds and then landed at my feet. It was kinda weird.

  • Taking life on its own terms, still lands somewhere. Lets not bring up Human trafficking. Liberals love romance. They can even ascribe it to Manifest Destiny. Dohhh.

  • "Take what life gives you, be receptive, and make the most of it."
    Some seriously sage advice we could all use. Everyone would be so much less angry, so much less stressed, and there'd be so much less misery in the world giving other people unpleasant surprises.

    You can bet Jenny's father was one of the people in this story who felt cheated and didn't get what he wanted in life. And took it out on his little girl.

  • Maybe "The Take" should bay attention to the word "Share" because of the fact I CAN'T download this video……………………………….

  • Jeremy Austin says:

    Under the trivia for this movie it says that tom Hanks got his accent in this movie from the actor who played his younger self

  • James Macleod says:

    I always thought it was answering the question: Is it better to be lucky or good? It comes down firmly on the side of luck.

  • I could be wrong, but I believe Tom hanks was born to play the part of Forrest gump. seriously, no one else to my knowledge could have played this part as well delivered as Tom hanks did!

  • u53r .d3f4u17 says:

    I always thought the feather was meant as a reference to his love for Jenny and her wanting to become a bird. Forest forged his own destiny with pure focus and determination.

  • Its Jenny
    Free and far far away from her abusive father who screwed her up 4 life sending Forrest her love saying thank you I love you and our son Im free now im finally "like a bird I can fly far far away"
    like she said as children

  • I always consider the feather to represent the mother of Forrest Gump. In the end, the feather finally left him because he could be on his own then.

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