Compiled from across YouTube! Hopefully, at least one of these is new to you.

0:08 – Jeopardy! – What is a threesome?
0:31 – Scrabble – Lost in the corn field
1:00 – $25,000 Pyramid – Asparagus
1:43 – Double Dare – I want your sex
2:20 – Scrabble – Calling your name
2:42 – Jeopardy – Rated “X,” for wrong
3:09 – Scrabble (Game Show Hosts Week) – Saying that might come back to haunt you…
4:44 – Family Feud – I landed on my…
5:37 – $10,000 Pyramid – What you don’t do


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3 thoughts on “Game Show Bloopers – “You Don’t Say…””

  • That was great! I'd never seen any of them before. My favorites: the gay guy fantasizing about Mr. ultra-right-wing-Christian Chuck Woolery and Tony Randall saying "shit"! LOL And Marc Summers having no clue as to why that kid guessed "I Want Your Sex". Geez, Marc––how old are you? 90? That was the first single off of "Faith", so that kid actually made a great guess considering he had absolutely no clue.

  • illustrious rocket says:

    Great video. That Scrabble clip makes me realize, Marc Summers would be a pretty fantastic host if it was ever to be revived.

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