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Back during Legion I made a video about Warcraft 4, stating that I felt that Blizzard was perhaps setting the stage for the next installment in the Warcraft RTS game line. However, it seems I was wrong. So here’s the question: Has Blizzard Abandoned the Idea of Warcraft 4? If so, why? And are there solutions to some obvious challenges that WC4 presents?

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45 thoughts on “Has Blizzard Abandoned the Idea of Warcraft 4?”

  • Randy Randerson says:

    Warcreft IV: Fallen Empires. An RTS that fleshes out the Dranei of Burning Crusade and allows the player to orchestrate their escape, capturing the Exodar and fleeing from their captors to crash on Azeroth. As play progresses, the story arc details and encompasses BC and gives a window showing the player what plans end up leading into Northrend and beyond. This could also remove and correct lore and story issues that didn't particularly make sense.

  • I think that they just can't imagine and create something better than we had at frozen throne 3, it was very quality game with huge variety of play base. This oldy games with fantasy of past good times with elf's or orc's with a nature being (warcraft3, heroes of might and magic) IS LOST, because modern peoples totally go away from the nature, and most of this modern programmer's aren't white's… You could notice this by the last dota 2 release, where the graphics became more fantastic than real… I think that modern young player base doesn't like this stuff with past things with nature being , because they are TOTALLY LOST inside modern high technology megapolise's…
    So I'm like you, very love that games, i'm white too, this was my one of the favorite games with past tematics with light fantasy of middle ages! After frozen throne I didn't even try to play in world of Warcraft MMO, because the game become different… This is very strange that the most enjoyable games were with number 3 like Warcraft 3 and heroe's of might and magic 3. I think this games are totally only for whites

  • So… I looked at this video for about 4-5 minutes, i listen to this guy and suddenly he mentions "all the great strategy games" and dis one dont even mention CoH (Company of heroes)… I rest my case after that and downvote this video

  • Warcraft 4 will setup a near storyline in the Warcraft universe. Maybe an end to all this fighting and coming peace. Centuries, millennia later, a new adventure begins, a new threat arises.

  • i dont that they will abandon it…
    iam pretty sure that there is going to be a special story after arthas took place on the throne…hopefully!

  • Something Darkside says:

    Make WC4 a sequel to WC3 and let us import our player characters from WoW into the game as hero units, create some interconnectivity between both games. Have Shadowmourne on your hero in WoW? Your hero gets a sidequest to unlock it in WC4. There's a lot of cool possibilities.

  • I was also thinking about w4 during legion. i was expecting the burning legion to be a playable factions , since those little worker demons would be perfect workers and all the various demons could be good balanced units.

    You can thank mobas for killing rts games. as if they hadnt done enough damage to the industry already

  • The American Channel says:

    Illidan and Naaru both suck. I don't care about them. They both shitty.

    World of Warcraft storyline is turning shitty. The same way, after Star wars 3, story of Star Wars turned to shit.

  • andruouo andruouo says:

    I'm playing now warcraft 3 and the frozen throne for the 100000 time since i was a kid. I hate so much the fact that doesn't exist the sequel and the end of this epic story! I'd like see the last game that complete the arch of every character (especially a true and good final to tragic arthas story): illidan,arthas,maiev,thrall,jaina,kael,vashi,malfurion.. evryone. And fuck all the wow stories…

  • Juliana McMahan says:

    I hope Blizzard stays far away from Warcraft 4, they've proven how far they've fallen in terms of competence and I don't need them mucking things up anymore than they already have.

  • Silver Heart says:

    Honestly blizzard needs to kick activison to the curb man every game company that god awful money hungry bunch of cunts company has touched has died they are a leech and the gaming companies need to come together and get them shut down

  • i don't want blizzard to make warcraft 4, let me explain.

    warcraft 3 is a amazing game, it's extremely immersive and fun. Also like vanilla wow, but these were made when chris metzen was still here, and blizzard didn't have ties with activision. since blizzard has worked with them, we only seen the decline of actual fun and players.

    I don't want blizzard to make warcraft 4 because they will fuck it up. The only way I can see it being good if they got the old team to make it without activision influence.

  • Blizzard would only abandon the idea of Warcraft 4 if they hate money. Since they are in bed with Activision, I would highly doubt that. Warcraft 4 literrally prints money!

  • Strategy games are not dead, but RTS games are. Those of us who grew up on them mostly switched over now, either to grand strategy or to more micro-focused games like League/Dota 2. And kids aren’t interested in them because games like Minecraft and now Fortnite are so heavily played by kids that if they want to start video games, that’s what they start with

  • I think Blizz abandoned Warcraft 4 idea, because they already have Starcraft franchise. It doesn't make sense to support two franchises with pretty much similar gameplay at the same time.

  • austin blades says:

    I think were more likely to get a WoW 2 before a warcraft 4. And that wont happen for as long as wow is making money still

  • Well we do got WC 3 Reforged, in which I'm very excited about, I'm not certain though for the WC 4, due to a not so popular demand and has too many stories to retell.

    I've always been a fan of WC 3, and when I learned WoW, I hated it and it's very different for me, for the record I really did my best to like it, but I'm sorry no, I'm not a fan of RPG type of games, like that you have to create a character, etc. and going all that trouble, I do however if I wanna play a RPG sort of game I want to play as a another character, instead of myself, Like controlling Arthas himself and etc… Kinda like Overwatch in a sense (except when it comes to Third Person view Shooting Game, i don't like how they made OW like that, like you choose a diff character as your shooter while it could've been better if you yourself should be the one shooting, but I guess they have to make the game unique so there's that…) To a Classic Shooting game, that's when I wanted to create my own character, customizing and etc, much like Apex or Fortnite, if I'm right 😅…..

  • plusmetal rise says:

    I hope Warcarft 4 has new faction like Naga,Blood Elves , High Elves ,Trolls,Burning legion,trolls and Goblins if it ever get developed .

  • SAKURA CHAOS says:

    Would be cool if they remade the 2 first Warcraft, i mean not a graphic upgrade like the Starcraft HD version but like Remake Warcraft 1 and 2 kinda like Warcraft 3 style but modern graphics.

  • I have said it for ages! Warcraft: Histories there are so many opportunities! War of the Ancients, War of the Three Hammers, Rise of the Horde. Remake Warcraft 1 and 2, solidifying the story (finally!). And then doing Nixxiom's idea of WoW expansions but fully fleshing out the stories that are included in the books.

    Most def there is an audience people will love this! Warcraft 3 Reforged's hype and reception is proof of it!

  • its hilarious how blizzard actually listened to people like nixxiom, but instead of creating a new warcraft they remaster the last one

  • World of Warcraft is "continuation" of Warcraft 3, thats why Blizzard abandoned at idea. Also, warcraft 4 would be RTS game, and RTS games are no longer popular (sadly…) so they dont care any more.

  • BateroCarbon says:

    Microtransactions and DLC killed RTS. New games with tutorials that won’t make you think and figure things out by yourself. Millenials now a days can’t stand frustration and playing a game that makes you think. Creating a new RTS is no business anymore. It’s sad but true. RIP WC4

  • I would be willing to wait if they released an expantion in both wow and released wc4 at the same time and so 2 stories would both be availabe (the WoW version being a little more personal and the wc 4 story covering more of the overall arc with more things mentioned and different perspectives. That way you could retell essentially the same story with a twist (say that what appears to be the case about the war in wc 4 was wrong and in WoW you find out a bunch of secertes as to the true cause of the war as it is going on and stuff)

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