Complete gaming review of Lenevo ideapad ryzen 5 quad core laptop review
best laptop under 30 k
best budget laptop
best laptop for youtuber

1) Budget price (28k approx) – BBD offer price + 10% card discount
2) Best Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 which is equivalent/more compared to Intel i5 8th Gen
3) 8GB RAM
4) 1TB HDD
5) Build quality (not best)
6) Quick charging
7) USB 3.0, Type-C (but all on 1 side)

1) Initial installation is quite difficult because of missing drivers
2) 2 Cell Battery & hence 2-3 hours backup (decent)
3) Display (not bad)

Performance: Laptop works fine and smooth. Initially I felt it was slow. But after 1 or 2 days it seems to be good.

Note: For Windows installation – WiFi will get detected automatically. However u need to download and install touchpad driver from Lenovo India website (Support). Lenovo website automatically detects laptop model and u can scan for new drivers.

Advice: Kindly register your product in Lenovo website to confirm your product warranty period remaining in days.


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