28 thoughts on “Horrible: Dude Brags About Giving Herpes To a Woman ‘All These B***hes Got Herpes’”

  • Niggas and hoes gonna get enough of posting this crap on social media. Just horrible individuals. Glad I'm celibate and dont fool around with nobody.

  • Ashley Connell says:

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  • Isis Montgomery says:

    That’s attempted murder he needs to be arrested get his ass off the streets report his video everyone we must take a stand against these type killers

  • Mina Sanchez says:

    That community dick is killing off our generation this is sick 😷 u would think 🤔 his dick is burning 🥵 when he piss he kept that shit .im a 5yr widow from what I hear I’m die a widow.im not missing nothing .🍷👍🏻🌾🌾🌾god be with you 🍃🍃

  • If your gonna have a quicky, quicky wrap UP the dicky, dicky, BEFORE you sticky, sticky, I know it's icky, icky, if it smells kicky, DON'T you licky, licky or you'll get sicky, sickyyyyy!! LOL🤣🤣🤣!…. BARS 🎵🎤🎶 ✌🏾

  • Noel Thompson says:

    Sex is for losers; furthermore, sex is hex. That is such an evil and destructive types of activity! JUST DON'T DO IT!!!👇👎👎👎❎❎❎

  • James Da Black Sheep says:

    I don't fool with nobody from America!!!!!! Foreigners are much better than these cursed wicked lost souls here.

  • Liah Know Best says:

    👀👀👁👀👀like 70% of everyone in these comments are uneducated and need a serious update on sex education! 1 night stands,being promiscuous, doing drugs and alcohol means putting yourself @ risk for exposure. By the way condoms dont save you from herpes abstinence does.If you dont know people status by taking them to the health department.HOW YOU GOING TO GET MAD @ A MF FOR NOT PROTECTING U!?🤔 Should your goal in 2019🙏

  • eating used pussy causes mouth and throat cancer via HPV and herpes…… Im celibate and I've known people with herpes…..they tell others about it and still get laid….this world is lost.

  • Notice he wit the trend get a beard probably got gold chains and large rims chicken heads will flood the premises. It take much talk shit keep drugs 80 % will fall in line.

  • They say on the CDC website 50% African Americans between the ages of 18 – 45 age group. So I fuckin believe this scandalous mother fucker

  • emrys xander says:

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