Get locked out of a protected Word document without password? This video shows how to unlock a Word document that’s password protected with the help of the tiny software iSumsoft Word Password Refixer.
Free trial:

Step 1: Get “iSumsoft Word Password Refixer” by Google search or from the link above and install it on the computer where you will unlock a Word document.

Step 2: Launch “Word Password Refixer” to recover Word password

(1) Click “Open” button on the program’s tool bar. Navigate to the path to the password-protected Word document and import it to the program.
(2) Select one proper password attack type from the drop-down button and tick the settings as you desire. (It’s the key step.)
(3) Click “Start” button.
(4) Password should be recovered successfully and be displayed on the dialog box. Then Click “Copy” button following “Open” button. Then the password-protected Word document will automatically start and you just need to paste the password to open the document.

That’s it. You’ve successfully unlocked the password protected Word document.



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