Learn how to split cells with text in Excel using this quick and easy tutorial.

Splitting cells in Excel allow you to manipulate data in a single cell and distribute it to adjacent cells.

To split a cell, open the Excel document and highlight the cell you wish to split. On the top tool bar locate the ‘data’ tab and click on ‘text to columns’, this will prompt you with how you wish to split your Excel cell.

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4 thoughts on “How to split cells containing text in Excel”

  • I'd like to know this . . . and NOBODY has been able to figure this out: Is it POSSIBLE to SPLIT an Excel (2016) cell into SEVERAL CELLS (like a table in Word)? For example, if cell A1 on a worksheet were, say, five columns merged into one column, all columns under column A are the same width, correct? BUT, what if I wanted cell A2 to be a cell of 5 small columns (split, as can be done in Word)? IS THAT POSSIBLE . . . or must all cells under A1 – all the way down the column – be the same precise size as cell A1?

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