38 thoughts on “IM DONE LMAO!!! One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9 *Reaction/Review*”

  • I love your reactions every time that’s why I’m subbed to you that was my exact reaction as well I’m LIKE NOOOO I WANTED TO SEE HIM KNOCK HIS HEAD OFF 😂keep up the great work brother love it !!!!

  • Saitama punching Goketsu appears in the opening so I guess they just decided to skip that because there was no reason to show it again. I have to say, skipping that part and focusing more on Suiryu's thoughts worked really well imo
    Great episode overall, Sonic talking about losing his humanity reminded me of Dio in Part 1

  • yes that Gorilla is from season 1, Armored Gorilla, also they tried to recruit Garou before but he rejected them…ye that was just like OPM Goketsu was so hyped up that everyone thought he is gonna be more significant and get some attention and we will have an epic fight against him with Saitama, also how Siriyu was so worried and Genos wanted to team up with others to take him out, but no he is nothing against Saitama who just cant be bothered anymore cause everything is so effortless for him, it was great seeing so much character depth in this episode, Saitama, King, Sonic, Suiriyu, bit of Garou and Puri Puri Prisoner, BRILLIANT! the kick was just hilarious poor Garou getting bullied xD

  • X you know that stuff that happened to the hero association official where creepy snail worm eyes came out of his head is real n happens to snails when they eat some contaminated bird poop

  • I watch 5 seconds and I quit. I cant with your annoying yelling and constant laughing thr entire time. Do you even know what's happening in the shows you watch?? You dont read you just sit there laughing the entire time

  • Garou lost to the watchdogman he was beaten to a pulp until he ran away,
    and Sonic won't be a monster because she cooked it first, monster cells have no effect if cooked, Because monster cells need to be eaten raw if they're gonna be monsters 😀 The funny thing is sonic doesn't know that, he'll regret it again if he meets saitama

  • Oluwafunmiwo Sholola says:

    Saitama keeps saying he is interested in the hero hunter and that he wants to meet him. He's met Garou twice and beaten him twice – the irony. Yes, that was the Cyborg Gorilla that Dr. Genus (cloned scientist) sent to retrieve Genos in Seaso 1. It was the same episode in which Saitama fought Carnage Kabuto (he almost missed the market sale). Next episode will be interesting. Garou doesn't want anything to do with the Monster Association; remember he threw away the card that the phoenix bird costume monster gave him. I don't know if he would eat the monster cells if offered. My boy, Sonic, freaking killed the monster cell by cooking it. What a goofball!

    The anime so far is mostly a 1-to-1 adaptation of the manga source, so when they don't show a fight onscreen, it's almost impossible that it was different in the manga. It doesn't change the fact that we might still want to see the fight, but I'm just saying that it's not the anime staff's fault. They just adapt what they have, from the manga, onto the screen.

  • I feel bad for Garou & Saitama at the same time lmao this man Garou got his ass whooped twice by Saitama and Saitama is still looking for him lmao

  • Saitama said F**k outta HERE with garo 😂 he was so focused on that other dude he didn’t see saitama 😂😂😆🤦‍♂️

  • Thx for the spoiler .. waiting for 2 weeks for the episode then i get this in my sub box .. please dont put anything that spoils the episode .. i dont want to unsub i like ur channel

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