3 thoughts on “Inside Look and Review of the Lenovo M720S”

  • Great video thanks. From what I can see, there's an additional 2.5" bay for an SSD, and another bay for a 3.5" HDD. But I'd like to install my 2 mirror 3.5" HDDs. Can you install two 3.5" drives? (or two 2.5" SSDs? ). Thanks

  • I instead use a m.2 sdd which is much faster and removed the hdd in order to fit a decent low profile graphics card with a slight modification to the internal chassis. (need the 240w psu). I am planning to add some ram as well. Nevertheless these little towers are quite impressive.

  • Hey Jonathan nice review! I just purchased a brand new Lenovo M720S, still in the box, which I will be using for recording all of my music. I would like to know if you think it is fast enough for this type of application. I added 32 GB of RAM (max 64) and a 2TB SSD Samsung for storage. Also I would like to know which USB ports would you recommend for an Interface and synthesizer/keyboard/piano type instruments for fast connections. Unfortunately the computer didn't come with its own manual and that is why I am asking you! Thankx.

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