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Intel Core i5-10210U Benchmark Review

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20 thoughts on “Intel Core i5-10210U Benchmarked, Shock 14nm++++ Gains Against Ryzen and 8th-gen!”

  • some people keep saying smaller finfet means better performance but thats not always the case. more efficient yes, better performance not always.

  • Well.. Being that there are quite literally still sandy e and ivy e chips on the 32 and 22nm process that to this day remain in a position to obliterate new offerings… I'd say yes… 14nm has some considerable time I've yet… Cpus haven't recall done anything impressive in the past nest decade… Hell… A 980x can still throw down.

  • Robert Tanksley says:

    fuck I was hoping this was desktop cpus..

    I want to upgrade, but there is no point. The performance gap between my 4670k and what is on tap these days from both camps isn't enough to warrant a 400$ ish upgrade cost.

  • Bla bla bla bla adaptix this adaptix that – its a shitshow – we all know that! 14nm ++++++++++++++ with "18W" power consumption my ass! Hardware unboxed please stop making videos like these, and bring that other guy to make videos, this guy isn't good at all!

  • First of all screw Intel and their stupid tdp that means nothing when the boost or average draw is likely twice or more than what they rate it at.

    Also I want a desktop board with that ulv cpu in as a home server

  • Adaptix naturally leads to a thought, if software like Cinebench could basically tell the CPU how much work has been requested and then use the best clock speed that can be sustained for the time required to complete the task. As clock decreases the time that it can be sustained increases leading to something like an intersection of a curve for a given workload task. Not all tasks are predictable like Cinebench though, so Adaptix is like… a reasonable shot in the dark which gives the odd quick thing like opening a webpage max cpu for a second and longer things a downward curve ending in a little dribble of OC juice.

  • Niklas Nelimarkka says:

    This is our new 7nm Zen2 architecture

    Did someone say 14nm ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++?

  • On the % charts, why have not made a comparison against the Ryzen 7 3750H? are they not in the same price category? The poor 2500U is many gens behind.

  • This was a phenomenal video and these videos are why I am subscribed.
    I do wish to add that your benchmarks are showing one of the reasons I am staying with Intel. They’re a BIG company and got in their own way. But, now they have seen their own turds and are learning to not cover a bad sent with pleasant Febreeze. They are cleaning up the mess instead.
    Thank you Hardware Unboxed.

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