Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha review John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. The film, directed by Chad Stahelski, stars Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, Anjelica Houston, Mark Dacascos, Lance Reddick and Asia Kate Dillon.

Perri and Rocha give you their thoughts on the action, story, fight sequences and direction of the film and let you know if this is a worthy installment in the John Wick franchise. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to like and share this video on your social media!

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21 thoughts on “John Wick 3 Movie Review”

  • john wick 3. fav of 2019. don even need to wait for year to end. nothing can top this Escape. pure solid 10 mins (the dog part) better than foot spa, or full body massage. thank you, 2019 🙌

  • Brandon Phifer says:

    I think a cool aspect is they don’t waste time on exposition…they trust the audience to piece it together. The action is 🔥

  • Renee - KingsDaughter says:

    I have always said, that Keanu Reeves. Was born to be John Wick!!! I saw it friday night. There were parts in the movie where I had to close my eyes. Because to much violence, is just too much for me. The stunt was amazing!! Some of the surprises made gasp!! The lite humor was great!! However, I LOVE John Wick and I LOVE Keanu Reeves! I'll definitely see it AGAIN!!! Next time on IMax!!

  • Just saw it last night. The highlight for me was the fight scene between John and The Raid guys (Mad Dog and The Assassin) and Halle Berry was showing her best in fight. But Mark Dacascos really steal it as a fanboy and executor..

    And I think JW owed a lot from the Raid franchise (foreign/Indonesia). They surely learned a lot from that even bring in the villains..

  • I saw the movie yesterday, I really liked it! Especially the first half is really amazing, didn't particularly like the ending.
    And Halle Berry is great in it! 8.5/10

  • Crystal Hopkins says:

    Mark has been an martial arts actor for decades he is so unsung! So glad he is getting this big main stream role and just not remembered as the host of Iron Chef.

  • happy to see Tiger Chen get a small role in the movie (knife in eye guy) who starred in Keanu Reeves's directorial debut Man of Tai Chi, and, of course, seeing Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman show up i any movie means a good fight scene is a guarantee. now it's time to get Iko Uwais.

    Randall Duk Kim was also in the first John Wick.

    .some of the more gorey/violent kills in this movie as compared to the previous two films felt like watching a sanitized version of The Night Comes For Us.

  • Just saw John Wick 3 and I have to say that I'll give it an 8/10. I love the first two films better. However, I have to agree that the stunt work in this film is fantastic and a lot of good experimental fighting scenes never before explored. Reeves is awesome as John Wick and I couldn't see this character played by anyone else. My negative on this film is the cheesiness scenes that I felt took away from the action and movie, I don't mind cheesiness but the timing of it, when it happens during the middle of a fight scene on a film of this caliber just feels unnecessary. Either way great action movie that's better than the other two in terms of action scenes and overall love this franchise and hope it's gets a green light for more.

  • Let's hope we get john wick 4. Maybe casting idris elba or vin diesel or jason straham as the villian. Even have him fight a female villian played by gal gadot. Hell yes!!!!

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