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  • Fandom Entertainment says:

    Are you excited to see John Wick back in action?

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  • InconvenientlyPlacedTroll says:

    John Wick 3 was my favorite of the 3 John Wick films thus far, with the first coming in second and John Wick 2 trailing a long distance behind 3 and 1.

  • John fights and fights are ends up in the same place he began and this is part of his character. This is the story. He takes the fall, after working so hard. And this is actually mentioned in john sick chapter 3 when in the desert he meets the man who offers him the choice between being forgiven by the table for his soul, and living with the memory of his wife, or die in the desert.

  • John Wick Chapter 3 didn't really have a story to me it seems as if the producers (or whoever the hell was in charge) thought lets just give the viewers action action & guess what more action! and as much as i like the action in the JW Films after awhile it was Overkill,on top of that there were in my opinion bad casting choices and John going into the desert to find the leader of the High Table and making a deal with him in which he sacrifices a finger only to later back out of the deal made no sense at all.

  • Yeah, I think this franchise will be resigning soon so long as they keep doing the same as the last 2. I mean, I know how to extend its life by two more movies if not by one last episode of this franchise. 1stly need worth while exposition scenes which tell deeper story of individual characters involvement and how they mix into a bigger picture than the main protagonist, John Wick. As and WHY? All the hassle. Sometimes keeping crucial elements of the movie under the table is the wrong thing to do. Shouldn't leave Bread crumbs as this is tiresome. The audience needs to Get exhilarated to get a wholesome fun moment. Having the same methods of fighting isn't the way to go. In other words it's like playing the same shoot 'em' up game with different weapons and the only life threatening aspect will be these guns, that they run out of ammo in a boss fight. Leaving the crowd to reply with a oooh sigh or a ahhh sigh. But Parabellum is ok, will recommend but be warned Haley Berry, though good, still left more for desire on fight scenes. It was rehearsed and very visable.

  • David Vetter-Steinberg says:

    i think john wick 3 is the best one so far. not sure what you were talking about, cutting out a half hour and making it all action would have reduced it to a bland plotless marvel-esque movie. maybe they should have added some sky beams too

  • This was a GREAT action movie. The fights scenes were so impressive. A new standard. And awesome world of assassins. And dogs! What else could you ask for.

  • This movie started out like you'd hope. Full of what made the last 2 great…. then it changed dramatically. They destroy the character they've developed over 2.5 movies and it gets very hokey with the villain. He makes decisions he would never make. Honestly it's like everybody just phoned it in after the halfway mark just to make a very weak setup for a 4th movie. I even got tired of the repetitive fighting and pointlessness. People are literally killed by knife blood spraying into the air in the middle of a busy train station with people walking less than 5 feet away from it, out in the open, but not one person even reacts????? Why do people like this movie?? There are even times where even though the built story element of the bad guys being very practical and ruthless some enemies just literally stop when they have him dead just to let him stand up and have another chance to defeat them….. twice in one fight even. Its such a shame.

  • Brevincampbell12 says:

    I disagree with the world building part. The idea of the Continental is for me what is keeping me invested and is what I love.

    But I do agree I am worried about the future of this franchise because I'm starting to wonder where do u go now?

  • Pranavanathan Yoganathan says:

    The knife throwing fight was amazing, I did feel like act 3 dragged abit, hopefully the story is better for the next movie.

  • I actually felt like they were trying to show everything we've seen before… Like they threw dartsc at a bunch of action movies and created set pieces based on them. I enjoyed the move but it was a soda lots of bubbles no value

  • As with all series…the first one was the best.

    Cartoonish killings and the ending with Morpheous….I mean Fishburn asking Neo, I mean Keanu, if he is angry after being shot 4 times, falling off a 4 story building hitting fire escapes with his head after having the crap beaten out of him by several ninja numbchuckers while smashing through dozens of glass enclosures that have no reason to exist and then after being shot 4 times, hitting the ground…..how realistic. Reminds me a lot of the Matrix…..no…..it is the Matrix with foreign (Russian) villains……oh….Russian villains……I wonder if the democrats will have hearings on that too. Another movie with strong women…..yeah….women who beat the snot out of dozens of males…..perfect for today's politically correct world…….I saw the movie…..it was predicable and after a while quite boring….a trek through the desert to meet someone who looks like a used car salesman to ask him for forgiveness by cutting off his finger? Sorry folks…..the first one was good….the second one was OK….the third one…..STINKS. Point Break was a much better film.

    PS…..Speaking of STINKS……does anyone wonder when the characters take a dump? I mean really…..Michael Corleone took a dump and then killed two people…..best murder scene in movie history….Wick would do well to take a dump and then kill people with the stink……now that would make a movie memorable. Real life…not cartoonish I don't take dumps or take a leak characters.

  • Nathan Remotigue says:

    I have to disagree. I love world building and lore, It only heightens the story for me. For me I don’t see a point in them making more of these if they’re just “a day in the life” as you said. That’s perfect for an introduction but in sequels, that’s not going to keep me as engaged in the story, even if John wick is snapping necks with books

  • I enjoyed it and have no problem just watching him be unkillable. Adding too many more characters than they have established would take away from the pure, campy enjoyment that sold me on this movie to begin with.

  • When this movie is good, it is fucking awesome.
    But when it deals with all the world building, it becomes ridiculous in the worst way. I just wish it would give us more time with Wick (kind of what he wants too).
    They hint at his origins here, but it's really just a glimpse. Awesome turn by Angelica Huston, as majestic as ever. Halle Berry does that one angry woman act she always does (snooze), but, holy shit! her action scene has to be seen to be believed.
    And Keanu does stoicism better than anyone. His laid back state really works for John Wick. Even when it's personal, his kills are cold blooded.
    I just wish the humor we see in the opening minutes was kept up throughout the run time.
    Awesome as ever, I want a John Wick trilogy screening before part 4 comes out. Make it happen theater chains!

  • My only problem with John Wick 3 is that he ends up exactly where he starts after going through all that trouble to get halfway across the world. Other than that it's absolutely amazing in the best way. Definitely the best action trilogy I can think of.

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