Breaking down Kings vs Hornets!! Give us your thoughts. Taking questions! Make sure to share and subscribe!

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15 thoughts on “Kings vs Hornets Post Game Show – NBA Season Game 5”

  • I agree with you about everyone getting a piece of the blame pie from the front office to the coaches to the players. I don’t want to be cynical and give up so early in the season but I just don’t think it’s going to work this year. Chemistry seems non existent and they are looking lost on the court. The new guys don’t seem to fit at all. Walton isn’t a good coach but he’s not going to be fired. It iswhat it is. I didn’t expect them to start the season like this so if I’m disappointed as a fan I know the players have to be feeling it even worse. My expectations are definitely lowered now. I hope they can turn it around but idk if that’s going to happen. Of the upcoming games I will be annoyed if they lose against the Knicks. No one plays to lose but at least fight until the end.

  • Russell Allison says:

    Why doesn't Walton address the media after? You cant change what you dont acknowledge. I saw alot of empty seats tonight. Team needs to have a come to Jesus meeting

  • Michael Jackson says:

    Put the whole team in Chuck Taylor's and flat top haircuts. Give Divac a dozen Marie's donuts during the second half.

  • Luke Walton is good managing people but terrible with x and o's Walton needs better assistants. Vlade needs to fire Waltons assistants and replace them with someone competent

  • The reason we suck in the 3rd quarter is because during halftime the other teams coach makes adjustments and Walton doesn't 🙁

  • Edward Brewington says:

    The Kings should have NEVER let Dave Joerger go! This was his team and Walton has destroyed any resemblance of what it use to be. Vlade made a massive mistake!!!

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