Breaking down Kings vs Jazz!! Give us your thoughts. Taking questions! Make sure to share and subscribe!

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16 thoughts on “Kings vs Jazz Post Game Show – NBA Season Game 3”

  • Y the F would I WANT to watch this? Y??? I’m pissed. WTF is going on? Captain phkn obvious aKa our COACH points out all our weaknesses and what we did wrong, yet I’d trust George Carl at this point. I’m buying in still, I’m going to the next game, but wtf man?

  • I still don't understand why the Kings fired Joerger. I wasn't a big fan of him from an x's and o's standpoint but he had the players playing hard and believing in who they were and what they were doing. And when a coach has his players trust that is HUGE.

  • My Jazz are going to be so good this year. The defense is still elite, one of if not the best in the league. They've held their first three opponents under 40% shooting from the field. And now with the additions of Conley and Bogdanovic (and even guys like Mudiay and Green) the offense is scary too. We can really spread defenses out now. I told people this team is a legit contender to win it all before the season and I stand by that. They remind me of the Duncan/Ginobili/Parker Spurs. They hang their hat on defense just like those Spurs teams. And just like those Spurs teams they have more than enough ball movement, shooting and scoring to get by.

    My only concern thus far is rebounding. They are going to need a team effort to keep bigger opposing lineups off the offensive glass when they run these smaller lineups around Gobert.

  • Gokhan El Turco says:

    I see a serious chemistyr issue a few times Harrison Barnes didn’t pass the ball to Fox who was wide open. Buddy and Fox constantly arguing it was baddddd.

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