Breaking down Kings vs Blazers LIVE from Golden 1 Center. Give us your thoughts. Taking questions! Make sure to share and subscribe!

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9 thoughts on “Kings vs Trail Blazers Post Game Show – NBA Season Game 2”

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    Buddy needs to be running the offense some times, just give him the ball and get out of the way if we can't execute an offensive game plan.

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    Barnes needs to step it up… I don't know how.. but he looks old and slow… aren't you supposed to be athletic? Show something more than one put back dunk.

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    Luke and Vlade has not made this team any better in the short term… I hope this is just early losses that we can overcome with time.

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    Dedmon needs to do more, what of I don't know, but we need something more from him. He's ok, but not anything better than that.

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    I am not sure Cory Joseph better on the floor than Yogi, it remains to be seen. In the short term the results haven't been encouraging.

  • Kings Fan Sneak says:

    Dude, Arzia needs to never see the floor, ever! Bad signing, we paid him how much to bring us down? Can't hit an open shot, can't defend, and makes poor decisions when he has the ball in his hands. I hope he steps it up if we continue to play him, right now he is playing us out of games.

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