Chapters for your convenience:
00:49 – box and unboxing
03:18 – new pieces
04:32 – pieces in new colors
06:11 – parts list
06:30 – speed build
18:32 – functions
21:51 – impressions
28:38 – final note

‘LEGO Technic 42110: Land Rover Defender’ Unboxing, Parts List, Speed Build & In-depth Review by Sariel’s LEGO Workshop

Review, unboxing, speed build and parts list of the LEGO Technic 42110: Land Rover Defender set | Released: 2019. Pieces: 2573. Building time: 6 hours. Price: $199.99 / £159.99 / 179.99€

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36 thoughts on “LEGO Technic 42110: Land Rover Defender: In-depth Review, Speed Build & Parts List [4K]”

  • The new rim piece reminds me of the exclusive designs used in the Porsche 911 GT3 set and the Bugatti Chiron set. So all 3 sets on display would look cool together.

  • Matthew D'Agnolo says:

    If I got this set, the i would definitely order more of the green colour and turn it into a pickup. I think it was awesome that you added the "magic card" aspect.

  • since the gearbox is garbage, I would propose modding Dgustafsson13's 6 speed manual into it, as seen here, you could probably eliminate almost all of the original gearbox which mostly just binds up and doesnt drive the engine half the time. It might even allow for it to be motorized

  • Nathan Xaxson says:

    Seems like the perfect set for people who are just getting their Lego Technic collections started – has all the transmission pieces you could ever need, fully independent double wishbone suspension, steering wheel, differentials, good wheels and tires – all you would need afterwards would be motors (which are easy to purchase separately). This set looks like a great start for beginning Lego vehicle engineers. I could easily see someone using the parts from this set to build a sports car, etc.

  • DualKiller Youtube says:

    just completed this build myself, but it sags like crazy in the rear, so the rear wheels rub against the mudguards 🙁

  • Ground2Sky Productions says:

    I was very careful when assembling the huge gearbox system but I guess I did something wrong because the engine pistons aren't always moving, most often they don't do anything.

  • My 4-speed gearbox is generating excessive friction, so much that the gears connecting the DNR and hi/lo selector are skipping in 3rd/lo. Is this normal, and if not, what was I doing wrong?

  • Faktycznie skrzynia biegów spory przerost formy nad treścią i lekkie rozczarowanie. Złożyłem swojego wczoraj po północy, po skończeniu chciałem przejechać kawałek, ale okazało się, że stawia straszny opór i słychać przeskakiwanie zębatek. Poszedłem spać z przekonaniem, że w trakcie budowy popełniłem jakiś błąd. Dzisiaj okazało się że przy ustawieniu Hi oraz 4 biegu opór jest tak duży, że skrzynia oraz silnik nie chcą się kręcić. 🤷‍♂️

  • themultifacetedone says:

    $330 in Australia – given the exchange rate – this price is just NOT justified. I'm soooo darked-off about this!

  • Dear Sariel, I am a long time Lego fan, but not so much of the Technic range, even if I appreciate many of some released sets and would buy one or two a year if my budget was not already dedicated to SW and Ninjago. But I do appreciate your videos and reviews, the way you complete them with comments and more than anything the fact that your opinions are always as objective as possible (or so it seems to me, because as it is your opinion it's obviously subjective, but I think not that influenced by the fact that Lego provides you many sets for review. Lucky guy!) So thank you for allowing us to discover and appreciate sets that many of us will never get because : 1)one has to make sometimes hard choices in life and /or 2) because Lego can be an expensive hobby and passion and, but for a very few people, it's impossible to purchase each single set we would like to. So sincere thanks for your work. I have now a question. Are you left-handed? The way you turn the pages of the leaflet made me think of it. Thank you.

  • Hmm…for this particular model, RacingBrick has 2x the views with 1/10 the subscriber count. Seems like you have a new competitor in the technic review segment on YouTube 😉

  • How does it compare to the 42069 Extreme Adventure?
    They look very much alike and are even made by the same designer I think…

  • Александр Лукинов says:

    1. The LEGO Group produces the Technic model with gearbox that distribute the rotation to different features like doors, hood, trunk opening etc. Fans react like "uhh, fake gearbox! It doesn't change the gears, who needs these pointless functions? Let's blame them!"
    2. The LEGO Group produces the Technic model with gearbox that really change the gears allowing to have different ratio betwen the engine and wheels. Fans react like "uhh, boring gearbox! It just change the gears, who needs these different speeds? Let's blame them!"

    Great review except of that unfair thing. Well done!

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