5 thoughts on “Lenovo 14e Chromebook Unboxing and Educational Review”

  • anthony aka tony smiff says:

    I just bought one with added IPS to the already bad ass display.
    I picked this one from a line up i created based on the "device end of life" (auto-update expiration). I started with ONLY chromebooks that had an expiration of june 2025, which is the max!! So that way i get the longest use out of my device…that narrowed it down to exactly 20 devices (11 from acer + 2 from asus + 3 from dell + 4 from lenova). From that point i needed a big displayed…. at least 14 inch. That narrowed it to 3: acer 315 (cb315-2h), dell 3400, and of course, the beautiful machine you have before you (with IPS added😍). The acer had the big 15.6 inch screen, but nothing special with res, or the display in general, and everything else was average in comparison. The dell 3400 had alot… hd sound, the fastest cpu out of the 3, best memory (4 mb cache), and alot of misc stuff lime 5.0 bluetooth, and a varied of ports. Ultimately i had to take the beaitiful display of the lenovo 14e with IPS BABY!!

  • I came from the 300e initial review, really interested to see your revisit video about it. I'm on the edge of buying it, but after hearing your comments about the flaws of the screen and the hinge, uhhhhhhh…

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