The Lenovo C330 is the perfect Chromebook for under $250.00

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34 thoughts on “Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Laptop – The Chromebook For the Rest of Us!”

  • Hmmm….so, the screen isn't detachable like other 2-in-1s? That's kind of a disappointment, as I'm looking primarily for it to be an 11" Chromebook tablet. Recently, Ars Technica published an article on a new Bluetooth exploit that is highly dangerous, so I'm no longer using Bluetooth devices with my iPad and would probably not use the keyboard on the Lenovo, either.

  • Looking at the moment and genuinely reckon this could be the one I give a go as my first Chromebook.

    The Asus C302 would be first choice by has short AUE. C434 would be the natural successor but out my price bracket. The C330 looks like the one to have a bit of a go

  • Looking into chromebooks to replace tablet. Looking into this one, acer spin 11 or acer spin 1. Has to be convertible in tablet. Use drawing, streaming video, and listen to music. I like the hybrid where it can be Windows and have play store. I'm kinda nervous about getting a lenovo bc my dad has a laptop it is the most frustrating w the track pad and while you are typing it skips around a lot.

  • I switched from a 2010 Macbook Pro to the C330 and haven't looked back! Lighter, well built, long battery life, brighter and higher res screen (yes, compared to the old MBP), touch screen, insanely fast boot up times (6 seconds!!), Android apps (e.g., you can download Netflix content since it's a 'mobile' android app) so it's essentially a web machine + android tablet. Got it on sale for ~$220 (64GB storage version) before the summer, great bang for the buck. It's actually plenty of storage for my use (my Android phone is also 64 GB, never came close to using it all up). I teach college online classes and this was my daily driver during the summer while on a road trip. Did everything I needed it to do. The only 1 major drawback in buying this device is the relatively short Auto Update Expiration (AUE) of 2023, you'll find this page on Google that lists all chromebook devices and the expiration date for the monthly updates. This device was listed for 2023 which isn't very long for a new chromebook, but just checked the site today and it was extended to 2025! That's good news. So my only negative has been addressed! But, let's say this device still works well by then, you have alternatives to chromeOS that will help you extend the life of this device, like using Linux distro (OS) or run Neverware by Cloudready… but it will still work on ChromeOS even beyond the update expiration, you'll just lose out on the 6 week updates which includes security updates. I"m normally anti-Google in terms of maintaining my privacy, but I use Google app alternatives, a vpn and chrome extensions to protect my privacy. If you do most of your work on the web, and can supplement with Android apps (I like Outlook, WPS, Pcloud, Yelp, New York Times, and more) it can be a great machine for you.

  • Getting It Done says:

    Bruce, this is an OUTSTANDING review. Detailed, relevant info. Question for you or anyone else out there: Does anyone know what styluses/pens will work with this model? I'm looking specifically for pens that have a fine point.

  • Kailey Wesseler says:

    Just ordered this chromebook and hoping the thick bezels won't bother me because i see them on pictures and it's getting on my nerves. Although I used my friends C330 and didn't care about it so….

  • When you get to showing the features of the laptop you forgot to show the screen so we could see how good or bad the display was, the smoothness of the touch pad, key pad options. I guess we are suppose to take your word for it instead of seeing it.

  • Good review man. Watching this on a Chromebook 😀. I almost got the C330 but ended up going with a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 for the stylus and better specs. But it was more expensive. I do LOVE Chrome OS. The C330 looks a great deal, very practical machine.

  • Great video Bruce
    I thought a bout the crome book back in the day I half to say I was not really impressed so I became a pc guy I love it .
    Thanks for sharing I learn a lot from you Bruce thank you so much .

  • Bruce, looks like a great Chromebook! I have an Acer Chromebook that is truly used as my daily driver. I never turn it off, I always keep it on 24/7. Needless to say, I think Chromebooks are a must have as well as sufficient replacement (if desired) for desktops and laptops! Great review!

  • Seems like a fairly good buy? A possible room for improvement would be to not make the cliche Apple mistake and have thick bezzles.

  • Gemini body shop Body and Paint says:

    i got a linx 12×64 windows tablet with keyboard bloody great connects to xbox and casts media and a 12inch touch screen running full windows 10

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